Suggestion: introduction topic separate to forum threads

How does that sound?

Introduce yourself and explain what you want to gain from Huelling?

As a newbie I’ve noticed a lot of separate introductory posts. Perhaps this would give people a place to go to say hi etc?!

Love the forum though. Really like the engagement from the guys behind Huel. Think it really works well, so my idea might not actually be needed!

I think in the future it may be something to go down more. Have you seen the Huelers page?

I really want this to be filled with people from the forum as everyone here is fantastic, so having a place to encourage people to talk about them more might be good. Eventually, as with any forum, there will have to be places for off topic discussion as well so lots of area’s to go down.

Didn’t spot the huelers page!

Will have a look.

It’s getting quite popular though, really good to see!

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That Huelers page is great! It was worth visiting just to see Sophie Radcliffe - yum yum! :grinning:

I’m just wondering whether this could be made more obvious on the front page of the website. Maybe you could have Huelers as a top level menu item, then within that you could have:

  • Top Huelers
  • Forum - Join us for a chat!

Just a suggestion :slight_smile: