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I have only been using for the forums for about 2 weeks now but already I can see a lot of new threads being created asking the same questions. I’ve been guilty of it myself when asking about storing Huel in plastic containers and I think we should have a sticky thread covering things like:

How much Huel do I need? How many scoops? scoop vs scales.
How do I work out how many calories I need?
How do I track what I’m doing? (recommendation towards MFP maybe?)
How do I lose weight?
Storing Huel when not in the pouch

I know there are comprehensive guides on the main website but people are obviously missing those and coming straight here looking for answers. The sticky thread could be copy and pastes or links to the website and can be expanded much further than what I’ve indicated above.



It’s a nice idea in theory. In practice, just be aware that it means that somebody needs to compile and maintain it. If somebody is willing to do that, it could become extremely useful. If somebody starts it and then gives up, or forgets to maintain it, that wouldn’t be so good.

An easier option might simply be that when those of us that have been here a while notice somebody ask something which has already been discussed, we jump in and provide a link to the existing thread. I have done this a few times.

I was thinking more that it should be created by one of the official Huel team so there isn’t the worry of it being abandoned. Normally threads like this are created by the forum admin for this reason.

The problem with just replying to people with links elsewhere is you get a forum full of the same questions.

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Good point.

You can maintain all FAQ you want, the ones who always ask without searching first will continue to ask…
There are already tons of official FAQ and documentations on Huel site, but you know, it’s always easier to ask directly.
So I really don’t see any need to add (and maintain) another source of documentation.

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I think we will create an FAQs page here, we can just cut and paste the one from the main site, but as @Raymondcal pointed out the ones who ask without searching first will continue to ask.

Looking into this. My plan is to have a page pinned to the top of the forum, in the thread there will be all the questions in the FAQ section. I won’t answer the question in the forum but instead link to the FAQ answer. Including:

  • What is Huel?
  • Why is it called Huel?
  • How do I consume it?
  • Where is Huel manufactured?
  • Why? Why not just eat ‘real’ food?
  • Can Huel help me gain or lose weight?
  • What does Huel taste like? Can I add flavour?
  • Does Huel fill you up?
  • Can you drink Huel hot or cold?
  • Is Huel suitable for Vegans?
  • Is Huel low FODMAP?
  • What is the shelf life of Huel?
  • How do you explain Huel to your friends and family?
  • Why sucralose?
  • What equipment will I need?
  • Can Huel be used for a Type 2 Diabetes sufferer?
  • Are the Vitamins and Minerals in Huel absorbed into the body?
  • Is powdered food a new fad?
  • Don’t we need to chew to start off digestion?
  • Can I consume Huel if I’ve had Oesophageal or Stomach Surgery?
  • Can I consume Huel if I’m breastfeeding?
  • Does Huel contain banned substances? It is approved by Informed Sport?
  • Will consuming a liquid diet affect my dental health?
  • Can children use Huel?
  • Is Huel OK to Consume if I Have Diverticular Disease?
  • What is the pH of Huel?
  • Is Huel high in saturated fat?
  • Is Huel organic?
  • Have any of the ingredients in Huel been treated with sulphites?

On top of this I will have specific questions that often come up on the forum. Any thoughts on what these should be? So far I think:

  • Why lumps/reducing lumps
  • Is there a sample?
  • Flavouring Huel
  • Is Huel GF?
  • Is Huel GMO free?
  • Frequent urination
  • Suitable for IBS
  • Suitable for T2DM
  • Synthetic B12

The answers may be actual answers and/or links to relevant forum threads. Pop your thoughts on the thread!


Done this in the form of a banner post. It will stay at the top of the discourse until it is removed by the user. Unfortunately I can’t get it to stay at the top the entire time as the pin function doesn’t allow you to pin a topic to all categories, you have to select an individual category.

Any suggestions on this from people more familiar with discourse than I would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Tim,

IMO I think the banner style implementation is a bit clunky. I’m surprised the forum software you use doesn’t support sticky threads in all categories but if it doesn’t, do we actually need individual categories anyway?

Regarding the content, the most common questions I’ve seen asked here in the last 2 weeks are the ones I listed in my opening post which you haven’t included so far. I think the forum sticky / banner should be more specific to what gets raised here first then with further links to some of the information above. People are asking in here because they haven’t studied the main site first so if you have an FAQ which is massive (on a similar scale to the main site) the likelihood is they will look at it and think sod that and post their question anyway.

We’ve changed this to a “global pin” instead of a banner. Julian has given me an F in “Discourse Management”, I guess I won’t put it on my CV!

@Coup, I have added some of your suggestions along with a couple of helpful scoop/weight tables.

@TimOfficeHuel Oh well, mistakes are all part of the learning process :slight_smile:

Nobody just gets born excellent.

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much better!

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Yes sorry I missed them off, I had a sheet of paper with a long list of topics and the first ones I wrote (yours) were on the back. I certainly wasn’t born excellent!