Newcomer saying hello

Hi there! KathyG here!
Going back to Huel after several months without. Weight has ballooned over last four months, for various reasons. Now, BMI above 30, and I feel awful.
I use MyFitnessPal, to encourage me, but would really appreciate some cheering from the sidelines, too. I’m in the UK. Anyone else out there from the UK? :wave:

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Most of the users on this forum are from the UK, to be honest! But not all. I think they have another forum for US customers and also a German forum.
We’re good at cheering from the sidelines! Welcome, and good luck on your journey :slight_smile:


Thank you! :grinning:

Great to have you back with us @KathyG! All the best with it all. Let us know if you need any more information at all. The folks here are super helpful and lovely!

Up and at 'em!

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Thanks Tim! I think I’ve chosen the wrong time of year to come back, though! :scream:

Huel blended with sprouts will sort you out, Kathy.

Bahahaha! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Ironically, rofl rofl rofl is close to the noise you will make after eating this delight :smiley:

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Welcome back! Good luck with your journey, try not focus on the little ups and downs (especially over the festive season) and think long term!

Also, since we were sort of on the subject @Tim_Huel, does anyone in the US actually use the forum? I had a browse of r/Huel and people are asking v basic questions that have heaps of answers on here

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There is a forum on the US Huel site…so I guess they use that.

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There is the US forum, Many also come here I believe and the US team are active on FB, Twitter and IG too. Reddit is a difficult one as generally people don’t appreciate people that work for the company wading in on a public forum, so we monitor and only occasionally dive in on it!

Yeah but do they? Guess I was just fishing for Tim to say nah only you guys are our special Huel community the other forums haven’t really caught on… pah I suppose they could be having a great old time on their forum too

Some of us are certainly “special”.

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Hello All.

Also from the uk. Using huel for almost a year now. Fwstuve season is nothing to be afraid at. Just stick to having huel at work and when you feel peckish. My tip is go for a 20 min jog 1sr thing in the morning before breakfast. That kicks off your metabolism for the day. I went from 30% body fat to just bellow 20 in 2,5 momths after an injury. Dont focus on the scales but on objectives. Like repetitions or distance or time.

Keep strong and good luck