How long to keep without refrigeration?

Hi All,

I need to use Huel at work. But there is no refrigerator close by. So i want to keep it at my desk and consume it over time.

How long can i use Huel after mixing at room temperature without loosing taste or developing side effects ?


Hi there! Take a look at this below:

Hope this helps!

Hi! I think you didn’t read the question properly.

The answer doesn’t help stating how long we can keep it out of the refrigerator

I would like an actual answer.

Sorry @shankysodhi, I really did read your question but sorry for not being more specific. The answer is in the thread I linked to, more specifically the answer James makes:

I hope this helps.

Also worth buying an insulated bottle - I use a Super Sparrow, but there are plenty of other options out there.

Keeps mine cool for as long as I have needed it.

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