100% Huel | 30 Day Journey

The title says it all.

Starting on April 3rd, I will be going on a 100% Huel Diet, consisting of 4 Huel drinks a day (3 scoops in each, 600-700ml water).

I’m 19 years old, 6 foot 1 inch tall and weighing roughly 15 stone 10 lbs.

I’m aiming to lose a total of 2-3lb’s per week. I’m currently burning roughly 2000 calories per day from exercise (I walk about 15KM a day).

If anyone has any tips or advice, feel free to send it over :smile:

I will update the original post when I begin my journey.

Thanks all!

Good luck. Are you new to Huel? If so, I’d say start off slowly.

To lose that much per week you need to do lots of exercise as well, cycling or swimming would be good. I find when I start wanting to lose weight there is a delay of a few weeks before I start seeing weight loss.

If you’re aiming for that rapid a weight loss, I would advice you to do some strength training a couple of times a week, to prevent too much loss of muscle mass.

Thanks for the feeback so far!

JCW, I’ve used about two bags of Huel over the course of the past two weeks. Spent a couple days on 3/4 drinks and a few days just replacing one or two meals.

Mally, I’ll be cycling soon as well as walking and will be using some dumbbells at home too after I get home from work.

Andeem, If strength training can come under some rigorous workouts at home alongside some dumbbell usage and cycling then fingers crossed it should all be good.

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This puts you into an extremely dangerous calorific deficit… Are you aware of the dangers of what you’re planning?

4 shakes of 3 scoops = 1824 calories. Without exercise, this would be a good number of calories to achieve weight loss, however, with a whopping 2000 calories of exercise, you end up in a chronic deficit…

You’ll feel horrendous. Mentally, physically.

To achieve 1KG per week I’d aim for 1600 calories overall. Even a basic TDEE calculator puts you at a requirement of 3000 calories per day. With your 2000 calories of exercise, this hits an enormous 5000 calories. If you’re looking for 1KG per week of weight loss, your numbers are way off.

Please research this extremely thoroughly before going through with it…

PS - Not trying to be an ass about it, I’ve just been there and done that myself. I was similar in weight/height to you and lost around 1KG a week, as you’re planning. (Can show you my progress pic on the transformation if you’re interested?).

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Would be nice to talk to you more about this, especially seeing as you were in similar circumstances as myself.

I’m not really sure what route to go down. I could perhaps try to bulk things up more, using peanut butter and perhaps instead of going on 100% Huel, eating a meal a day or something?

What did you do to attain that 1kg loss per week?

Sure feel free, I’m always loitering around here and /r/fitness on Reddit!

The back story is fairly simple. Since I was young I had insane stomach capacity and insane appetite, I mean like one of those guys who can just put a silly amount of food away without thinking (once ate the meat from 3 whole chickens as a food challenge). I got sick of those challenges and at 102kg, decided it was time for something new.

In January 2016 a weight loss competition with a cash prize at the end for the winner begun in work. I’m notorious for being one of those people who have to win something no matter what it costs, so I set to work!

My methods were, looking back, a bit extreme, although not as extreme as what you’ve described here, haha.

The basic plan was eat 1750 calories of food a day with absolutely everything tracked in MyFitnessPal by the gram. Alcohol was strictly off limits unless it was an occasion, for which I’d have one pint of lower carb lager (Coors Light etc). Every evening I’d hit the gym, utilising a PPL program with 45 minutes cycling latched onto it at the end. Due to my calorific deficit, I gained barely any muscle. More importantly however, I didn’t LOSE any muscle. My cycling ability increased enormously, which is a positive.

I think it took me 5 months to lose 20kg, which works out at roughly 1KG per week.

I used /r/fitness’s wiki religiously during this time to learn about nutrition, exercise and muscle building. I’ve gone from being a hideous fatty to really nailing the knowledge and almost coming out with my dream body!

Here’s what it looked like: https://imgur.com/a/Uc3fp.png