100% Huel to lose Weight

Day 0 - Tomorrow i am going 100% HUEL in an attempt to lose weight and become healthier.
i have done 1 month on HUEL just before Christmas to see how my body took it and that went very well and i lost 14 lbs.

So tomorrow I venture into the world of 100% Huel in a id to lose all the excessive weight i have. once i start to lose more of the weight then ill throw in more exercise and gain a healthier body.

i have just turned 30 and its time to take my life more seriously. i currently weigh 342 lb and am 6ft3, my eating habits are dreadful and consist of mainly takeaway etc. i expect the first week or so to be a bit rough as i adapt

Today i’m breaking the rules and having a bit of a binge. i don’t really know why im posting on this forum what i expect to gain, maybe its just about regular blogging holding me more accountable to my actions, who knows.


Good luck ! :smiley:
Health is a great thing to fight for and there are others on this forum that deal with weight issues aswell,
so you’re not alone in this, that’s for sure. :wink:
Community can be of great support, so make use of that.

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Expect your body to rebel at first with you suddenly chucking all this healthy food at it. If it doesn’t, it’s a bonus :smile: Good luck with the weight loss. As @ChrisH0402 just said, the forum can provide a great deal of support if you need it along the way.

Day 1 - 342lb

So today I begin, I’m throwing away all the scraps of food in the house and giving the place a good tidy to distract myself from any hunger, I am also giving up smoking and drinking at this time to better my health. I have made the decision to not weigh myself until I am 4 weeks in, due to the fact that on previous weight lose journeys I see the weight fall off and use that as an excuse to have a mini binge. I lost 2lb yesterday 1 small McDonald’s won’t hurt to much” so I’m staying away from the scales. I make my shakes the night before to for today I have prepared 3x3 scoop shakes and this is what I’m sticking to for the duration, I will be drinking 2 litres of water with 1 lemon in again prepared the evening before

9:22 - first shake of the day, first mistake the fridge was set a bit to cold and both my water and shake are mostly frozen!

13:35 - second shake of the day, struggling to drink all the water disputes being thirsty.

18:32 - finial shake of the day.

Not experienced any hunger today, but struggled to drink more than 0.5 litres of water, so need to try more tomorrow. Shakes for tomorrow all made up ready for the day.


Best of luck to you
Decide what your goal is, the why, and focus on this as much as you can

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I used to be fat as well, though not as fat as you (my heaviest point was 225.75336 lbs while being the same height as you) Here’s some advice.

  1. Always weigh yourself.

This is very important because it gives you perspective. As a fellow tall person (hell, my name is Andrew as well) you can surely confirm that the changes of your physique aren’t easily seen until some time has passed. It will take a bit of time to visually see your progress. If you stop seeing change you will just give up, as being on a calorie deficit feels horrible. Having 1 month of crash diet going only to revert to your old eating habits is a waste of time.

  1. Start counting calories.

The approach that helped me was just keping a budget of calories I can eat during a day. It doesnt matter what you eat as long as its low in calories. Hell, you can even enjoy a junk food once in a while as long as you stay within your calorie limits. But again, never eat or drink anything if you don’t know its calorie content. https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-weight/calorie-checker/ is a useful tool. Or when shopping for a snack, look how many calories it has.
As you will soon find out, crisps, soft drinks and bread are among the worst offenders so cut these out completely. Vegetables make excellent snacks, especially carrots. Veggies are healthy, filling and very low calorie foods.

In your situation, the “status quo” calorie budget is around 3100 kcal. A good calorie budget would be around 2400-2600, healthy deficit but not high enough to make you hate yourself as much.

You also need to keep weighing yourself - as your weight decreases, the calorie budget must also decrease. You should recalculate your budget roughly every 11lbs you lose.

Finally, consider putting quitting smoking on hold until your diet is firmly underway. Quitting smoking and losing weight at a huge calorie deficit at the same requires iron will, which I doubt many people have.

Good luck. And remember it’s okay to snack as it will keep you sane. Just use veggies for that purpose, not some garbage high calorie food

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As is the app Myfitnesspal, fixed my eating habits. :slight_smile:


Day 2

2 shakes down, not going to lie i did get into work to find a customer had left me a pack of biscuits so i did have a few, and i snuck a cheeky smoke.

Tomorrow is another day, another chance to do better.

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There’s always going to be days when you feel that you do really well, and days when you feel that you’ve screwed up a bit. Don’t let those screwed up days get your down. Just keep right on persevering! I’m currently 234lbs and aiming to get down to 155 (which would be my ideal BMI). Some days I feel I’ve done way better than others!

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@FatAndy I’ll join you on your quest!

I’m also trying to cycle into work everyday to speed things along.

My Day 1:

Am at 238lbs, 6’4, want to get down to 190lbs at most, and I’m using the calorie expenditure estimate from my fitbit, and aiming for 1000kcal below in huel shakes + coffee bars :slight_smile:

I’ll do my best to update every day as well :slight_smile:

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Day 2: 235lbs (same scales, same time of day, stepped on it three times to check the reading)

Cycled 18 miles (9 to work, 9 home) yesterday, but got so caught up in work that I forgot to eat, so ended up only having 3 huel coffee bars during the day, and one four scoop shake when I got home, for a total of 1400ish calories (not the healthiest, I know, hopefully I’ll remember to eat today!)

FitBit claims I expended a total of 5200ish calories for the day yesterday (don’t know if I trust this, but that might explain the dramatic weight shift??)

@FatAndy How was your day 3?