Join my weight loss journey! 29F

Hi - a bit about me. Never really been ‘big’ but never been slim or fit either, just happily average. During lockdown I’ve put on a fair bit of weight and my biggest issues are with food - I don’t like cooking and I’m also vegetarian so find it a lot harder to balance my macros. Discovered Huel and it seems like the perfect short term (by mainly drinking Huel and eating H&S) solution to drop the excess weight and then create a more sustainable long term diet by reducing to maybe 1 shake a day + 2 balanced meals.

I ordered the Vanilla and Chocolate flavours, and have been drinking it for a few weeks now - work was extremely busy in the run up to the hols so I found Huel so convenient for a quick breakfast and lunch - but evening meals have been the issue, been doing lots of unhealthy takeaways. I’ve also got Hot and Savoury and really like the taste actually, but always forget to reach for it when I’m feeling hungry.

Now that I’m officially off work, I really want to start getting serious about weight loss. My TDEE is about 1700 cals so I’m cutting it to 1200. I generally have a late breakfast (need my coffee in the morning!) so I plan to do an approx. 100 cal latte, then a 3-scoop shake that I drink from late morning (smaller glass) and over lunch (remainder) for 600 cals, and then a 400 calorie H&S dinner, allowing a buffer for a glass of wine if I fancy it! Does that sound like a good plan? Let me know if I should tweak in any way.

Due to the weight gain, working from home and lockdown/restrictions, I’ve become really lethargic and will definitely aim to introduce moderate exercise into my routine, but first want to get the diet part right.

I plan to do weekly weigh-ins and updates, anyone else on a similar journey is more than welcome to join me!! I struggle a lot with sticking to things and accountability, so hoping this will keep me accountable.

Sunday 20 Dec - 73.75 kg

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Hey there, thanks so much for taking the time to tell us a little bit about yourself - welcome to the forum!

I think you’re going to be in a very similar boat to many, the various levels of lockdowns have been really tough.

So is your plan to have 100% Huel and then switch to fewer Huels - at what point would you switch, when you hit a certain weight? I’m very much of the opinion Huel shouldn’t be used as short term weight loss solution but built into a healthy diet. What about adopting the “1 shake a day + 2 balanced meals.” from the outset and get into those habits with the view of those healthy habits becoming the norm? Sort of a mindset switch.

Hope that’s helpful and not just an annoying response!

One hour walk right in the morning when you wake up and you don’t need coffee. Alcohol contain lots of calories. I’d skip it. If you really fancy a glass of wine, incorporate it in your daily intake. 10 scoops of Huel contain 100% of daily vitamins and minerals. You want to have some vegetarian pills on the side to boost what you don’t get from Huel. What’s good about you doing this now is that this will not turn into some stupid new years promise which will be broken after two weeks.

Go kill it.

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Thanks! I just want to shift that initial weight and it’s so much easier knowing exactly how many calories are in Huel. But I’m still currently doing 1 shake, 1 H&S and a semi-balanced meal, so haven’t gone full Huel! Just trying to establish a routine, will definitely consider easing into it with 1 or 2 shakes a day vs. 100% Huel.

Very helpful, thanks!

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Thanks, slow start so far but I’ve replaced at least 1 meal a day now with Huel, so just trying to establish consistency. Ah I look forward to my morning coffee so much haha, it’s more the ritual of it I think. Use unsweetened almond milk so can’t be more than 60 cals in my morning latte :smiley:

Alright then! Well keep us posted and let us know your thoughts or any questions you might have :blush: