Hello - New to Huel


Thanks all for the comments!

So it’s a Friday, and that means time for an update.
Week 7, 1lb lost. Total lost now 29lbs.
This was the first week I didn’t have Huel twice a day. Had a good socialable weekend of much eating and drinking, so I’m really pleased to have ended lighter!!


Week 8 of 2 x Huel per day completed.
Still enjoying it!
I am pretty consistent with making 2 up every evening, popping them in the fridge, and then having for breakfast and lunch.
In terms of weight lost this week: 4lbs making it now 33lbs in total.


That’s great going! :+1:t3:


Week 9.
Not too much to say. Huel aren’t getting back to any support emails, so it might all stop abruptly if they can’t sort subscriptions out, as despite positive results, being ignored for nearly 2 weeks is pretty poor…
This week, lost 2lbs.


I emailed about an issue over a week ago and still got no response. Yesterday I headed over to the Facebook page and sent them a PM and received a response back within about 15 mins and my whole issue sorted within a matter of hours. You could try that for a faster resolution :grinning: