🍪 NEW Cookies & Cream Black Edition!

Alright, the keen eyed amongst you might have seen a little teaser in an email last week (or just seen it shared on reddit!).

For the detectives amongst you, yes of course we were teasing our launch of a Cookies & Cream flavour - but in which variety? V3.0? RTD? Bars?

Well, our Cookies & Cream will sit with our Black Edition range and be available globally!

(n.b. we are rolling this out across all our stores, so if you can’t see it yet don’t worry, you will be able to order it by the end of the day!)

I can’t wait to hear what you think of this one. The flavour is a decadent cookies & cream flavour that’s rich, chocolatey and indulgent :chocolate_bar: It will fall in line with the cost of Cinnamon Swirl Black Edition.

Here’s a recap on what our Black Edition is all about :mega:

:clipboard: All 26 essential vitamins & minerals
:muscle: 40g protein
:candy: Low sugar
:no_entry_sign: Zero artificial flavours or sweeteners
:farmer: Gluten-free
:tea: Addition of green tea

You can get yours here!

Any questions fire away below!


Great! Thanks @Tim_Huel ! Looks tasty and I’m looking forward to try it.

Do you have any plans to launch it on the 3.0 version too in the short term? Or it will only stay on the black edition version?

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As someone who only uses v3.0, you have introduced the new cinnamon swirl flavour, which is amazing- any prospect of introducing cookies and cream to v3.0? Black edition has a much better variety of flavours but I don’t really want to use that (dont need the extra protein).

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Big thumbs up from me.
Shame I just ordered last week, I was waiting for this announcement but running out of Huel is not an option

Woop! Glad you’re excited!

Good question @vaniv and @MDJ. At the moment no we don’t plan to launch this in our v3.0. There are 2 main reasons why not.

  • Currently v3.0 has the most flavours, so we wanted to give Black Edition some love
  • The oats in v3.0 really mask the flavour of Cookies & Cream (this flavour stuff is a real science), so it didn’t taste as good on v3.0

Never say never, and if you guys love this one I’m sure the NPD team will consider. But right now, no!

Oooh, I’ll be putting an order in next week. I’m looking forward to trying this one and the cinnamon swirl

Looking forward to reading some feedback about this flavour.

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Bring it to RTD please


I can’t wait to hear what you all think too. Please drop any feedback in this thread - good or bad :blush:

Ok, since you’re inviting comments good and bad, I can be a buzzkill by asking about the price.

There was discussion about Cinnamon Swirl perhaps having to cost extra because of extra-expensive ingredients. If that’s so, is the same true for Cookies & Cream?

Or are all new flavours going to be more expensive? If so can you confirm that you won’t start deleting the older more affordable flavours? Thanks.


I will talk to the right people and get you a good answer to this @epicure.

I think with Cinnamon Swirl the conversation became very focussed around “which type of cinnamon is used”, which wasn’t that helpful (although we shared it with you). We weren’t saying Cinnamon was more expensive because it uses cassia or ceylon or whichever, we were saying it was a more expensive flavour to produce.

But I will let you know everything I can about future plans on flavours.

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Thanks Tim, appreciate that. Can understand if Cookies and Cream is also more expensive to produce.

But please do keep the less-expensive-to-produce flavours!
& hope the team will be developing more of them, alongside the pricier ones.

Affordability is so important. :wink:


Tried Cookies & Cream for lunch today. Shipping was super fast FYI! :slightly_smiling_face:

First off I was disappointed off the bat as I usually only use White…have hated all the Black flavours in the past because of the horrible bitter stevia aftertaste. However I understand the oats supposedly masked the taste so it wasnt possible to make in White version.

Anyway. Made my shake up with some ice and left in the fridge for an hour. Upon first taste…straight away that horrible stevia hit me. The cookies and cream flavouring itself it pleasant - not overly sweet or sickly, nice and subtle. Job well done on that. Unfortunately, simply because I dont get on with the Black generally, it wasn’t the best for me. But if you are someone who usually uses and likes Black then I am sure you will be pretty happy with Cookies and Cream! I will use up the bag but definately wont be repurchasing Black ever again. Such a shame this flavour couldnt be replicated in White.


According to my shipping notification from DPD, mine will be arriving tomorrow…so I’ll try it on Friday as I like to give it a night in the fridge to mellow out. I’m not the greatest fan of stevia in some things due to the bitter aftertaste but it’s never been a problem for me in Huel black.

Im going to have to stick to the regular £57 flavours for BE, already a major price increase, i knew this would happen with the next flavour and it has :frowning:

Its clearly going to be a regular thing and I think you guys may aswell have just said the new price for 2 bags would be £61 which is an £11 increase. Not sure how much longer my bank balance can hold of this is the norm :frowning:


I hope that’s not the case because while I can appreciate some cost more and it could coincidentally be that two in a row did, I’d hope that Huel doesn’t start pricing people out of the market.

I personally thought Cinnamon Swirl was worth it because it is now my favourite flavour; I don’t expect this one to be as good, and if it isn’t, I probably won’t buy it a second time. If it is…well I’m snared in.

Just a thought to put out there, what about a sort of ‘oatmeal cookie’ flavour for V.3? Then you’ll have a cookie flavour that works with the oats🍪

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My bags arrived today. First impressions - it’s excellent! To me it leans more to the chocolate side of cookies & cream but I really enjoyed it! Have one ready in the fridge for the morning, can’t wait for breakfast! Good job team! :pray:

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It’s good news. In short no not every flavour we launch will at the £2 more. Each product is all priced based on the raw material costs. Where we can pricing will be aligned across categories. It was just the costs to produce these two flavours was higher, because they cost more to make. We aren’t planning to just keep rolling out £2 more expensive flavours.

That should answer your concerns too, @IainCraig. It isn’t going to be a regular thing.

Ok ok now we talkin. I’m interested. Oat and Raisin cookies are up there for me with their double chocolate counterparts! The thing is, like, what is the flavour? Raisins provide texture and sweetness, but it’s more about the spices right (and oats)? So it could be pretty indistinguishable from cinnamon swirl. Who knows though! The NPD team are wizards (and witches? nice witches though).

yaaaaaaay! This is great news. Thanks for sharing!! Keep it coming!


Yeah. Quite unfortunate. I’ll give it a go this time as I was already gonna place an order, so I’ll try the new one, but idk bout these prices.

My pockets lookin at me like::face_with_raised_eyebrow::neutral_face::sob: