Black edition huel cookies and cream swap or sell

Hi I am new to huel I subscribed to two bags in the black edition 1.53kg £28.50. I have just opened the cookies and cream flavour and sadly I hate it. Is there any one who would like to swap or buy this flavour. I have only taken 1 scoop out as I’m easing my self into using it as a meal replacement, due to anxiety/panic attacks reducing my ability to eat real food .

Welcome to the forum @TheDarkSquirrel sorry to hear it’s on bad terms!

I would suggest getting in touch with our customer experience team at to see if there is anything they can do to help or offer an alternative.

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Hi Charlotte_Huel,
Thank you for your reply. I had not thought the huel team would have been able to help as they only take none used returns, I shall give it a go . Thank you.x

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would it be a possibility in the future to do like trial packets of various flavours (two scoops worth for one shake, perhaps?) to get for a cheaper price before one commits to a 17-meal bag/34-meal order?

Nope. They did it back in the day and ditched the idea.

I don’t mean flavour boosters but trials of actual mix. They’re different things.

They are different things and my answer related to your question.