Introducing RTD v2.0 🌱 With 4 additional flavours!

Hey guys, our RTD is getting its own v2.0 range!

We’ve created a new RTD formula to sit alongside our current RTD v1.0. We’re hoping it gives you more choice in flavours and also more choice based on your preference for ingredients - let me tell you more!

v2.0 is in 4 new flavours!

:strawberry: Strawberries & Cream
:candy: Salted Caramel
:cake: Cinnamon Swirl
:coffee: Iced Coffee Caramel - with 65mg caffeine per bottle

Here are the key differences between v1.0 and v2.0


  • v2.0 has 22g of protein (compared to 20g in v1.0)
  • we’re also using hemp and pea protein (instead of brown rice and pea protein in v1.0)
  • Hemp protein is a really cool ingredient as it has an even lower impact than rice protein, it can grow quickly in lots of conditions and is naturally pest resistant, so uses little or no pesticide

Natural vs artificial - v2.0 is naturally sweetened with stevia and organic coconut sugar, whereas v1.0 uses sucralose. We know that some of you don’t like sucralose so, like with Black Edition, we have given you the choice between them

We are currently updating sites across our UK and EU stores, everything should be live later today! So if you go to the site and it isn’t there, please don’t write in saying it isn’t there :laughing:

Once we’re all set to go:

  • You will be able to buy either v1.0 or v2.0
  • We have a selection box of v2.0, so if you want to try all 4 flavours you can. This will be available in the UK and Germany only at the moment.
  • We will be putting single v2.0 RTDs in the ‘add more to your basket’ section of checkout, as well as in the account area

Check out the product page here - Huel Ready-to-drink (Huel RTD)

Stay tuned any US Hueligans reading this, we’re coming for ya! :us:


Looking forward to trying them. :yum:


These sound great @Tim_Huel

I do like hemp powder…although some hemp protein powders actually made we want to gag.

I’ll deffo be ordering some

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Ah, I’m so annoyed I decided to bring my H&S order forward and payment was processed yesterday so it’s too late to add one on to try. I’ll have to add on next time though. I only tried RTD Vanilla once, years ago, and I really didn’t like it so was too scared to try the others. Hopefully these are different enough to not scar me for years lol, and the flavours sound great!

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Ordered the selection box so cant wait to try them! - @Tim_Huel does the same revised refrigeration advice as 1.0 apply to these new ones too?

It’s a tough one. I think it would be really interesting to use hemp elsewhere in Huel for the reasons I’ve said above. But the flavour is tricky to balance and changing existing flavours people know and love to hemp would cause uproar! Will be very interested to know what you think of the flavour. I can’t taste the grassiness of hemp but that’s just me!

Ah that’s so frustrating! It’s always going to sting some people, but hopefully giving people a little forewarning like yesterday meant that some people will manage to get theirs earlier!

It does, yes Phil!

Which flavour are you guys most excited about?

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Well this is the best news of the day, S&C and Coffee RTD’s I am sold

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looking forward to trying all of them! Unfortunately i ordered 24 bottles just yesterday.
EU store is already running but a friend of mine can’t add the free t-shirt to his first order.

Wow, very interesting.

For once, it’s clear that people are asking for naturally sweetened alternatives or Huel is trying to bring that part of Black to their RTDs.

Secondly, definitely not the flavours I would expect; but rather exotic options if I’m honest. Kinda American.

Third, interesting that Huel is doing an open bet for Hemp protein, which has great nutritional values, but it’s often set aside for other concerns.

Looking forward to trying them out and see the differences in taste and texture!

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Will there be a selection box of the 2.0 for European customers too?

YES!!! Just woke up from a night shift to the best set of emails. Strawberries and cream, cinnamon, and salted caramel RTD, and a new job :partying_face: (sorry coffee)

I’m the most surprised and excited about cinnamon, the king of all flavours! Will be ordering ASAP.

All of them; cinnamon swirl probably the most.

Yea @surrealsai like you I had just ordered mac and cheese yesterday and later on in the evening I saw that new RTD’s were available. My timings are not good. However, my mac was waiting for me today when I came in from work so that was great service. :hugs:


I bloody love the cinnamon, banging


Ooohhh nice! Will they be available in Supermarkets or just online for now?

I ordered a variety box of 2.0 RTD. Interesting new flavours. Let’s see what all this fuss is about! :slight_smile:

Was a little disappointed to see the price was higher than 1.0 and also higher than the supermarket cost of £3.50 per bottle for 1.0. I would think buying direct should see a significant saving over buying from reseller. Even more so since this is buying 12 vs 1 bottle.

I quite enjoy RTD for the smoothness of the texture and the taste, but the price does not lend itself to regular purchase.

Amazing, I just love the idea of these new flavours, but the price is just a huge drawback.

Will there be a mix pack of the new 2.0 for us european customers?

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I got my order with all the new flavors yesterday! I really like the changed flavor profile with the hemp protein and different sweetener. The change in sweetener leads to less of an aftertaste, and the hint of chalkiness that I get from v1.0 is gone.

Here are my full thoughts:

Strawberries & Cream - This is like a straight up dessert, a bit like a creamy strawberry milkshake. Very nice and quite rich flavor. This one could be a little too sweet for some.
Salted Caramel - It really, really nails the sweetness level for me, out of all RTD and Huel flavors out there. Flavor is super tasty and a true salted caramel.
Cinnamon Swirl - Flavor overload! Very loud cinnamon flavor, but good sweetness level. It has a little bit of a cake batter vibe.
Iced Coffee Caramel - Great balance of coffee and caramel. Very tasty and versatile. I’m definitely reaching for this one in the morning.


Love to hear this Kristin (also welcome back! took some mad RTD updates to get you back posting to the forum!)

When you say flavour overload for cinnamon, do you mean too much flavour in a bad way?

This sure is interesting! I think we might struggle to get all the macros in something which resembles a coffee, but love the idea and to be fair the NPD team are basically wizards.

Just online for now. Obviously we would love to have these in stores, but that does take time. Please feel free to write a series of strong recommendation tweets to your favourite supermarket asking to stock them!