My RTD 1.0 & 2.0 feedback

I stopped using the powder a while back and only use the RTDs now. I enjoy the texture/mouthfeel of all the flavours, but have different thoughts on the flavours themselves.

v 1.0…

Vanilla - 2/5 - It tastes okay, but it’s quite strange and synthetic. Feels like it’s sort of in the ballpark for vanilla but has a slight chemical taste which isn’t unpleasant. Just odd.

Chocolate - 4/5 - Tastes quite indulgent, an above-average chocolate milkshake.

Berry - 3/5 - Tart and has a bit of an acidic taste (whether that’s just my mind playing tricks on me I don’t know). It’s berry for sure. Firmly average.

Banana - 4/5 - If I had to pick, this would be my favourite out of all the RTDs. Still a little artificial in taste but pleasant and refreshing.

v 2.0…

Strawberries & Cream - 1/5 - The worst flavour of the entire RTD range including 1.0. Tastes overly-synthetic and sickly, like a cheap artificial strawberry yogurt.

Salted Caramel - 4/5 - One of the better v 2.0 flavours. Has a nice balance of sweetness and savoury.

Cinnamon Swirl - 2/5 - The one I was looking to trying the most. It’s okay-ish. Certainly tastes of cinnamon but not the best cinnamon flavouring I’ve tasted. This tastes closer to a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Think it would work much better paired with something sharper to offset the bitterness. Apple Pie/Apple & Cinnamon would be great.

Iced Coffee Caramel - 4/5 - Again, one of the better v 2.0 flavours. Glad it has a strong coffee taste and the caramel makes it taste quite silky.

General feedback/requests

  • The packaging is great.
  • Please lower the saturated fats in each bottle. I read that these were increased to provide a better mouthfeel/experience, but in all honesty I’d take a slight trade off to decrease the sat fats to under 1.5g per bottle. At the very least under 2g. If I could make one request, this would be it. It’s simply too high for something marketed towards the health/nutrition market.
  • More flavours! Mentioned this in another post, but I’d love to see more variety. Maybe you could drop some of the weaker sellers and introduce a new v3.0

Awesome feedback, thanks so much! Can’t believe your feelings towards Vanilla :exploding_head: but to be fair you’ve got a nice selection of 4/5 ratings here which is definitely gonna be a nice selection for you going forwards!

Interesting, I will pass it on. I think as this is quite often the first product of Huel people try we need to look at mouthfeel/texture quite closer, as it’s a more mainstream product. We certainly believe the fat ratios are still really good. But thanks for the feedback.

You must be really rich! :money_with_wings:

Not necessarily. Some will easily spend 5-10 pounds on lunch. Two bottles of RTD works out cheaper

Well, to afford £10 each lunch - or 2 bottles of RTD - for me, you have to be rich! :slight_smile:

While I enjoy RTD if out and for a change I think it’s quite expensive to drink on a regular basis.

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For me, vanilla, chocolate, and berry are all 10000/10. I think they’re genuinely delicious and it seems mad that I get to have actual milkshakes for lunch!

I wasn’t as keen on the 2.0 flavours because they all have a similar aftertaste. I still liked them a lot, especially cinnamon, but nothing comes close to the other 3 for me.

I always have a couple of bottles on standby in the fridge for days where I need a treat or I’m if in a rush.

do you think that’s the Stevia perhaps?

I don’t think so because I regularly use huel black and don’t get the same aftertaste. It’s not unpleasant, I just prefer the other three flavours. I guess a better way to describe it is that they are very rich. I love cinnamon for a week at a time and then I’ll need a break. Whereas chocolate I think I could have for every meal for the rest of my life and still love it. So it’s not that I dislike 2.0, more that I completely love 1.0 :laughing:

Huel Black doesn’t have artificial sweeteners.

It doesn’t but it does have Stevia which can have a bitter aftertaste. I don’t get that, but I cannot drink aspartame which has a weird taste/ dry mouth feeling that makes me want another drink of water if by chance I do drink something with it in.

Please Don’t lower the saturated fat in RTD!