Shoutout to the Huel flavour engineers!

I’ve started Huel in the beginning of 2018 and have since tried every flavour that came out (switched to Huel Black only though as soon as it came out, much preferred it). It became clear very quickly that the name on the pack didn’t mean it actually tasted like that, sometimes this didn’t matter as the flavour was good in itself and sometimes I was a bit disappointed (one of the chocolate flavour changes put me off).


These days seem to be over!

I recall trying out caramel (and I don’t like caramel, don’t ask me why I ordered it anyway) and it tasted just like all the other caramel I don’t like! The taste was spot on. And now the same for Cinnamon Swirl and Cookies & Cream, they’re just what I’d expect!

So I just wanted to say good job, the flavour engineering really has come a long way and it’s awesome! :smiley:

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We LOVE to hear this, I will pass this on to the NPD team! They are smashing it aren’t they? Cinnamon Swirl and Cookies & Cream are incredible!

Did you mean it didn’t taste like the caramels you don’t like! Since the taste was “spot on”?

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The Huel caramel flavour tastes pretty much like all caramel, so I’m saying that in a good way, as in the flavour engineers really nailed it! I just don’t like caramel xD

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