Salted Caramel - Black - Where's the flavor?


Long-time Huel consumer. I’ve been ordering Salted Caramel Black for my last couple orders. I like the flavor, and it goes very well with the frozen fruit and banana I add to my Huel smoothie. I just tried opened a bag, and it tastes incredibly bland to me. So much so, that I am wondering if somehow packaging got mixed up with the regular flavor. Usually there is a sweetness to this flavor that is not there this time. I opened up the other bag, too, and it tastes and smells like the regular flavor. Did anyone else experience this. I really don’t like the flavor of this, but it looks like I am stuck with them.

I’d suggest contacting the customer service team via email or live chat. I had an issue with T&H a little while ago, and they were great at helping to resolve it.

Sorry to hear this Michael, that’s a bit strange, someone mentioned about Coffee Caramel just now. It’s really important to email us on as we can track these sorts of complaints to see if it’s a one off or there’s something which needs to be looked into. The batch number is important and is on the back of the pouch, so add that into the email and we can see if there have been other messages similar.

I have to agree the salted caramel does taste quite sweet to me also, I have found the coffee caramel flavour to be different this month also, I will highlight that my salted caramel is fine though :slight_smile:

Thanks for that, as I say, be sure to raise this with the customer experience team, the system they use means they can log complaints like this, and our quality team can search for trends, it also means that we aren’t counting these sorts of things twice. Keeps it nice and methodical so we can make changes.