Salted Caramel

Hello folks.
So, my fav Huel flavour is salted caramel/black. Recently however I have been experiencing a significant difference in the flavour. It used to taste sweet and lovely, but now I can’t taste anything other than powdery shake flavours! Has there been a change to the recipe, has anyone else had this experience? I wouldn’t be mentioning it if the difference was not so extreme.
I even thought I might have covid, and that my taste had gone, luckily that is not the case. Just curious to hear the thoughts of others. Happy Xmas…

ps; I swapped to mint/choc and it tastes as delicious as always, so i think my taste buds are fine.

Hey @Robhuel - sorry to hear this! That certainly doesn’t sound right to me. Would you be able to drop us an email to and we can assist you further?

And Happy Holidays to you too! :slight_smile: