Difficult to drink it...feling to vomit. Any advices?

I just recived my first oreder of Huel. I’m so in truble with the consistancy and the taste of this product. After a few sips I feel the feeling of having to vomit and I’m not able to drink it again. :frowning: I was so excited abut this product but I really do not know if to continue. Am I the only one to have this problem? I’ve tried with milk and not water, and I added even some slice of banana but I got the same result.

It can happen at first. Start with small quantities; one day one sip, next two.

And don’t even try unflavored huel until you’re confident with adding flavor.

Banana is a good choice for me usually, but the best to begin are probably cocoa and coffee. You don’t need to buy “flavor bags”; just use the powders you find for water and milk in your supermarket :slight_smile: I just had my huel dissolved in green tea, which is also a good solution.

Drinking it very cold also help a lot.

And if nothing is effective… start with bars instead :wink: They are not optimal, but they resemble normal food much more (the factory-default chocolate flavor helps!), so they are a good stepping stone.

Good luck!


I wasn’t sure about if at first. Anything new takes time. Now I love it.


Stick with it. After a week you will love it.

A few tips to make it taste better:

  • Have the vanilla huel
  • Use the flavour pouches. Banana is my favourite
  • Use a blender to mix, it’s much better when it’s smooth
  • Make it several hours before you drink it, somehow it tastes better over time.
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Thankyou guys,
I’ll try your advices.

I like mine as it is or with almond/coconut milk and frozen fruit :slight_smile: