Huel makes me gag

Hi guys just got my first order of Huel, after their adverts have been spamming my social media for the past few weeks. I got the “new and improved” vanilla one. I’ve already added a double espresso, blended it in my blend active blender and stuck it in the fridge for two hours. I can’t drink it without gagging? Any advice? I think it’s the powdery texture. I’m frustrated I had to spend £40 just to try it. Sample packets would have been better as I’ve now spent £40 on something that for me is totally undrinkable. I did two scoops to a full thing of water. I don’t want to open the coffee one because I want to send it back for the refund

Two scoops to that much water would make me gag too. I can’t drink it thin, it’s rank.

Maybe give a thick shake a shot, then if not review options?

Thank you I’ll try that, not sure if it’s the powdery taste that’s making me gag? I’ll try it with some more powder tomorrow, cheers!

I had exactly the same - and thickening it really helped. Flavour boosts did too…but keep at it, you honestly get used to it a few Huel’s in!

I thought it was vile initially as well now I love it.
Also, original vanilla is the best. New Vanilla is grim

I find it doesn’t mix very well by hand and have nicer taste if I stick it in a NutriBullet / blender instead as by hand you still end up with lumps

If I blend it with an extra scoop, a double espresso and a bit of raw cacao powder I can swallow it! Hoping within a couple of weeks my body will have got used to it! Does it improve with time?

Didn’t love the taste myself. For me mixing with 3 scoops and blending with a banana works great and it tastes much better. Probably because banana is a strong flavour.

Does it get rid of the chalky texture?

I would say so yes and tastes so much nicer.

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As a first timer, but a foodie, you have to use food experience to your advantage. I’d say reduce the Huel scoopage and blend with bananas and strawberries, or go with a savoury option with stock, nut butter, lime and soy. Focus on getting a consistency you can deal with - I agree, too thick and it’s got some pretty awful connotations!

Also there’s the mental aspect. When it’s fruit blended, get your mind to think “smoothie”. If you go with the coffee option, think creamy frappe. If it’s savoury, just think about curry sauce.

It tastes like oatmeal. Does oatmeal make you gag? I do like 12 ounces of water to one scoop of huel. I need it to be thicker than water otherwise its odd