Original Vanilla Feedback


As I’ve said before, I find Original too sweet on its own so have to do 50/50 with UU. I basically like all of the powders but some I only fancy now and again. Staples have become Original, UU, Coffee and Vanilla, leaving Berry and Mint-Choc as occasionals.

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What was the survey asking then?
I wonder why I didn’t get it.
Maybe because I’ve bought every flavour except coffee so far plus I don’t have any active subscriptions. I haven’t been able to set any new subs up for the last few weeks due to the website issues. I’m waiting for it all to be fixed… and in the meantime trying to use up the vanilla I’ve got :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I didn’t get the survey either and I often get original.


@Ian42 :sob::sob::sob::sob:
Our opinions don’t matter…?
I think we should complain loudly :crazy_face::laughing:

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Really strange that some have been sent the survey and some haven’t. I have only ever ordered Original once yet the email seemed to infer it is my preferred choice.

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For those who have not received the survey, here is the gist of accompanying email:

"We see you’re a fan of the Huel Original Vanilla Powder!
In order for us to improve and keep creating products you love, we would be super grateful if you could take 2 minutes to tell us what you like about the Original Vanilla Huel. Just click the link below!


Team Huel"

Unfortunately, I can’t give you the survey questions as I have already sent mine in so unable to access them now.

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Original is the only flavour I haven’t yet tried. Is it less sweet than the new Vanilla? I find new Vanilla rather too sweet and mix it with unflavoured. All the others seem just about right.

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@dharkhig Original has more sucralose than Vanilla. It’s very sweet - its similar to cheap vanilla ice cream - you can taste the sweetener but not much else. It’s not that nice on its own but it’s an excellent base for adding flavours to (coffee, cacao, flavour boosts etc) as it has a very neutral taste. I mix it 50/50 with unflavoured then add my chosen flavour.

The Vanilla has a strong ‘vanilla-toffee’ taste to it that is sweet in a different way. I personally don’t like it - it’s not that pleasant on its own, and the toffee flavour overpowers any other flavour you add to it, making it sickly.

As a neutral base for adding flavours to, the Original is by far superior in my opinion.

I can see why Vanilla is popular tho - if you like the toffee taste, it’s nicer to drink as it is, than the Original.

If you mix vanilla with uu, you would probably also need to mix Original with uu to tame down the sweetness.
If you like adding flavour boosts, or your own flavours (fruit, coffee, cacao etc), I’d highly recommend trying out the Original as it works so much better and isn’t so sickly.


Thanks @ChristinaT. I do like the flavour of new Vanilla, it’s just the sweetness is a bit too much. Sounds like Original probably wouldn’t be for me, then.

I have ordered a Rhubarb & Custard boost with my next order, will see how it goes with new Vanilla + UU, but perhaps will try Original if the flavour doesn’t come out well. I did like the banana from the sample pack, it seemed to work well with the new Vanilla.


Some flavour boosts work better with vanilla than others… banana being one that actually does benefit from the extra layer of toffee-like flavour.
I found the rhubarb & custard also worked better with vanilla than original although I found it too sweet for me personally.
Original works better with coffee, mocha, cacao and fruit. Oh and the caramel flavour boost in Original is divine! (But horrible in vanilla!)

It takes a bit of experimentation to see what you like.

So far my personal favourites are the mint-choc premix and the Original mixed 50/50 with UU for adding coffee, cacao or caramel or mocha to.
I wish i hadn’t bought so much vanilla as I’m really struggling to get through it!

I might try coffee premix on my next order, but I love instant coffee in uu/original so much… I’m not sure it will be better. But I’m curious to try every flavour!


Mmm, the coffee premix is lovely - I have it for breakfast every day :slight_smile:


Well that’s good to know! Especially as you have a less sweet tooth, like me.


Yeah, I’d say it’s probably about the same level of sweetness as the mint-choc.

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I prefer adding a coffee that I like to my Original/UU instead of the Coffee premix (which I really didn’t like.) If you’re struggling with Vanilla, you might well struggle through a bag of Coffee. I think I gave the last of mine away. At least with Original/UU it can be a different flavour every time.


I got the email too. If they were to stop the original Vanilla, I’d be in a right pickle because I don’t like the new vanilla. I love original and have it every day. PLEASE don’t stop providing me with these delicious goods.

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Hi guys

The reason for the email is that we are looking to see how popular Original is. Proportionally, sales of it are going down so we need a picture of how important to Huelers Original is. It’s just us doing our due diligence so we can get some useful feedback.

(Personally I prefer Original to Vanilla, but lately I’ve become an even bigger fan of Mint-choc and Berry flavours - I have 12-14 scoops per day, so it’s important to get this right!)


I reckon this must be an ongoing problem with so many flavours to choose from. As you say, personal tastes tend to fluctuate over time. I know mine do. I am not a particular fan of Original on its own, but half and half with UU to tone down the sweetness makes a huge difference.


I didn’t used to like the new Vanilla so was getting the original, with mint choc ( my favourite at the moment ). But recently I did an order quickly and must of ordered the new vanilla by mistake. I actually only noticed when I made some up, but weirdly I quite liked the new vanilla this time lol.


Hi James - surely the email should go to all Huel customers then? Or maybe post a thread on the forum asking for feedback.
It’s not going to be very balanced feedback if it only went out to a few people.
It’s by far the best flavour to use as a base for the flavour boosts or other flavourings, as Vanilla’s flavour is really overpowering.
Please keep making it !


I used to love it more than any of the others until one day it arrived tasting absolutely vile, back when ‘many’ had this issue - it tasted kind of rank, no sweetness/barely any flavor; like you accidently put UU in Original bags. You never managed to find the issue (as far as I am aware of). I never bought it again, afraid it would taste like that again. Couldnt drink it, even with 10g+ mint choc fs. :frowning: