Original Vanilla Feedback


Maybe a conspiracy to get people off Original and onto vanilla. It’s a conspiracy I tell ya :crazy_face:


Worked for me, lol


I also believe the reason for declining sales is in the wording. Vanilla says it’s a new and improved version of Original.

Reading that as a new customer, why would I buy original instead, the old, non-improved flavor? Makes no sense

Vanilla should be called toffee, because that’s what most people (me included) think it tastes like- and Original should be called Vanilla. Because, duh.


I think Original should be called ‘sweetened’ and vanilla called ‘vanilla toffee’.
Neither actually tastes anything like real vanilla.
They should make it clear that the coffee, mint choc and vanilla toffee premixes can be drunk ‘as is’, and the UU and Sweetened (aka Original) are great bases to add your own flavouring or the flavour boosts to.

Berry should just be withdrawn… its disgusting :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
But other people maybe like it :laughing::laughing:

I think there is a risk, that with the premix flavour choices increasing, the least popular flavours might get withdrawn. It doesnt make sense to remove Original though - as thats the most versatile flavour.
Personally I think they made a mistake with New Vanilla - they should have brought out a salted caramel flavour premix which would have appealed to loads of people I’m sure, and left Original as Original… and not complicated things by having two ‘vanilla flavours’. And one defininetly shouldnt be called ‘improved’ because thats a matter of perception - its a completely different flavour - not better or worse, just different.


I wonder if it’s really that cost-ineffective to keep making it? Surely if you have a product that people want to buy it’s worth making it? Just keep adding new flavours forever and ever?


The way I remember the (non-rank) original was it tasted like super sweet custard. Would you say this is the case? @ChristinaT


@squizzle I think Original tastes like cheap ice cream… the sucralose taste is really strong, but you can’t taste much else. I can’t drink it on its own, but find it perfect for adding coffee and cacao to, and if I mix it 50/50 with unflavoured it goes perfect with the flavour boosts.
Custard… depends what kind of custard I guess - it tastes similar to cheap powdered custard, but nothing like real custard (to me)

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I might order a bag to see if its back to normal… well, if they sort the website. I dont understand how it works now, its a nightmare


Yeah I haven’t been able to order for a few weeks now… the website is a mess.
Plus I referred a couple of friends and they didn’t their referal discounts and neither did I.
I’m leaving any orders until they sort the website out. Luckily I have plenty bags to keep me going (mostly vanilla tho :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but at least it’s forcing me to use them up !!)


I have berry bags, several… care to exchange yours? :sob:


@Squizzle me? I hate Berry even more than new vanilla :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::face_vomiting:
At least vanilla is just about drinkable if I mix it with plenty UU and instant coffee
Berry I tried literally every possible way of flavouring my way out of it and nothing made it drinkable. I can normally eat anything - I don’t have to like it I just chug it down. But berry was so bad I couldn’t drink it at all, and I really really tried.


I love the Rhubarb and Custard one. I didn’t even know they did it until I seen it in a sample pack that I had. I don’t know why, but I thought it really funny that there is a Rhubarb and Custard flavour that actually does taste like Rhubarb and Custard!!! You won’t be disappointed. I ordered the Rhubarb and Custard boost pack and I’m about 3/4 of the way through it and I’ll keep ordering it.


I really like Original as is :rofl:
Same goes for Berry :thinking:


Chalk me up as another one that loves the Berry. :yum:


Weirdo !

But then, I like UU ‘as is’ :rofl:

This is why they need to keep making all the flavours - we are all different :laughing:


The stats people have sent the email based on certain figures on who’s bought Original before - it is designed to give us the most reliable data as we want to make the best decision.

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U/U is good for cup-a-soup or with Flav Drops or a banana, but the only one I wouldn’t have as is.
Might try Toffee Vanilla next time, last one to try :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But none of my friends who buy and prefer Original got the email, and neither did I…
So its not including everyone, not even people who have only bought Original and no other flavour.

@JamesCollier are they seriously considering stopping Original? Or is the ‘decision’ whether to change the formula/name of the Original?


Hi @ChristinaT

As above:

The reason for the email is that we are looking to see how popular Original is. Proportionally, sales of it are going down so we need a picture of how important to Huelers Original is. It’s just us doing our due diligence so we can get some useful feedback



Ok ok - I did read what you had written. But it doesn’t seem very diligent to miss out a load of people who buy it…
Like I said, I didn’t get the email and its one of my favourite flavours. And two of my friends who only ever buy Original, also didnt get the email.

As you add more and more flavours, sales of the other flavours are going to drop.
This will be higher at the beginning as people will purchase the new flavours to try them out, before settling on a regular order of the ones they prefer.

My friend who usually buys Original plus flavour systems, last month ordered the new mint-choc, the new coffee, and the berry, to try them out.
She didn’t like any of them and prefers the Original so she can mix it to her taste.
She hasn’t had a chance to revert her order back to Original yet due to the website issues…