Huel announcements


I don’t know about that - it’s available in pretty much every major supermarket! I picked this up from Tesco for example:

Also taken from their website:

“It has a fantastically low GI (Glycemic Index) of only 27, which means it won’t yo-yo your energy levels like sugar can.”


Hi @Julian,

Any news on the new release? I’ve got about a week’s supply left and am just wondering if I should order another month’s supply, or just 2-week’s, or 1-week? I’m keen to try the unflavoured unsweetened and/or reduced sweetener versions, so don’t want to end up with a backlog of the original to work through?! :slight_smile:



Agave Nectar is just mostly fructose. That is why it is so low GI, but actually not healthier than glucose/maltodextrine. While Glucose can be used by the body right away, and you can have quite much of it if you are not diabetic and not consume too much at once (yes, it will spike your blood sugar), fructose first has to be processed by the liver, which is damaging and unhealthy if you have too much (like alcohol).


@reintegrated good news we have the unfavoured and unsweetened in stock. We haven’t put it live on the site yet because we are waiting for some new info cards which will add the delivery box, this should available on Thursday.

Do you want the vanilla Huel with less flavour and sweetness or the unflavoured version?


Did you guys already change the formula? @Julian

I got my second order today and blended some from the first bag, and the texture seems different to previous ones. I find it a bit slimier and flouery than previous batch, it also has a very slight bitter aftertaste, not sure if the sweetness has changed.


Hi @Raven No not yet.


Have you changed the water you’re mixing it with - from home or work for example? This can make big difference to the taste.


I have also noticed the drop in sweetness and a slightly different taste in my last order (similar to what @Marcus mentions in one of his threads - All of a Sudden I Can Taste Rice Protein ).
If you guys did not change anything at all, then this is a bit intruging. Could there be such a variation in between batches for any other reason?
The batch number printed on the bag of Huel I am experiencing this is 1993


@zoltan I too now find the sweetness to be down from what it used to be. I also have from batch 1993.


Yes, I factored this in. I haven’t changed anything in how I mix the huel. I do it always from home with the same amount of water and powder, and blend it as long.


I, too, have noticed a difference in texture with my second 1-week order–received around a week ago–compared to my batch from August. I blend too, with the same amount of water each time. I’d describe it as creamier–more akin to a milkshake–with a more detectable powdery-ness. There’s also a reduced awareness of bits in the shake when drinking it, being seemingly hidden in that new, creamy texture. I quite like it, though! I’d even say I might prefer it to my first week’s supply.


The core ingredients of Huel are natural products and so do vary from batch to batch that we received. For example the oats can come from different fields and different parts of the country.

Ok.. 😆 What about Flatulance?
Fructose intolerance and Huel - confusion before the start

That’s great news @Julian, thanks!
Before I decide, can I just check - is the reduced flavour and sweetener version still using sucralose, or has that now also switched to stevia?


Yes it is still using sucralose.

We are currently testing alternatives. Stevia seems logical but it does have a bitter taste so we are considering other options.


Just to share that I find new version with less sucralose has a better taste. I was happy with old version, but now I realized that it was too sweet.

Thanks for improving huel!


OK thanks @Julian, I think I’ll go with the completely unflavoured and unsweetened version, seeing as that’s what I was originally after! I’ll be trying it as-is initially and report back how I get on!
As it’s not in the shop yet, could you let me know how I can place a 4-week order please?


@reintegrated The unflavoured Huel should be live to buy on Monday. Can you wait until then or do you need sooner?


@Julian Will the nutritional values change in the new unflavoured Huel?


Yes they will. Not a great deal and the ratios will remain the same. Basically, you will get a little less power per 2000 cals.


Thanks @Julian, I’ll update my formula !