Huel announcements


We will post the nutritional profile for the unflavoured/unsweetened version on Monday when it goes live.


Hi @Julian, I could possibly make what I have left stretch, but if there’s the possibility of ordering sooner I would appreciate it?


Sorry @reintegrated I just saw your message about ordering sooner. If you order before 2pm on Monday you will get it on Tuesday.

I do apologise, if I had seen your message we could have got it out on Friday, really sorry.


That’s OK @Julian, I’ve managed to stretch what I had left by mixing in solid meals, but I’m looking forward to restocking and going back to 100% Huel!
I’m watching the website for the shop change as I type! :slight_smile:


@reintegrated Unflavoured and sweetened Huel is now live to buy on the site!! :smile:


Seen it! Bought it! Hooray! :smiley:
…was I the first? lol


Sorry, someone beat you by 20 mins. :smile:


Haha, oh well! Many thanks for all your hard work. :slight_smile:


I previously tried Joylent and Queal, which didn’t seem to work for me (in the digestive department, if you know what I mean!) Seemed to be some kind of intolerance going on which built up and became apparent over several weeks.

So I gave the vanilla/sweetened Huel a go and I have to say it is absolutely fantastic. I feel like everything is functioning better on Huel than with the other brands I tried. So far, not had any of the issues I noticed previously. I still had 3 or 4 weeks of Queal left and switched back just to finish it off and this verified my previous findings. At first, I found the taste of Huel a little odd. Couldn’t quite put my finger on the taste, almost like it had something like basil in there (Vitamin K?), but I got used to it after a few days and look forward to the taste now.

My only small gripe with Huel was the sweetener sucralose, which is apparently only there in small amounts, but if I’m going to consume anything long-term, I prefer to cut out anything like that. I tend to be quite sensitive to some artificial sweeteners (headaches/stomach sensitivities) and they really start to taste really sickly after a few days. I also (used to) suffer badly from acid reflux and artificial sweeteners are one of the things that set that off big time for me - Changing my diet pretty much sorted the reflux out btw, so I’m careful when experimenting with anything new to eat.

Despite being a Chelsea bun/Danish pastry fiend in my younger days, I’m generally becoming less of a sweet-tooth and anything overly sugary (real sugar or otherwise) gets old very soon for me. I look around me at what other people shovel down and I really think that we are a nation of sugar addicts nowadays. So, I was delighted to hear of the unsweetened version. Tried some today, with room temperature water and without standing, and it’s absolutely fine. Better taste-wise than I was expecting. It’s a lot like runny porridge oats really, which is understandable. I was surprised that I didn’t really notice anything else too overpowering. That said, I’m thinking of blending it with a banana or strawberry occasionally for a bit of variety if I need it.

So, overall I am very impressed with Huel (both the product and the company). Looking forward to tagging along on the Huel journey, although it “feels” like it’s already got where it needs to go for me!


@HarryTuttle that is great to hear from you for sharing and for you kind words.

We are working on the sucralose, but because it’s cal free and 600 time sweeter than sugar it’s hard to find a replacement that’s natural, doesn’t require a large quantity, and gives the right flavour. But we will get there.


I think Sucralose is the way to go. I sympathize with people like @HarryTuttle, who have adverse reactions to artificial sweeteners. But short of adding straight sugar, Sucralose seems the best solution.

Unfortunately, a bit of sweetener is necessary. Not to make Huel sweet, per se (like the first iteration being too sweet for many). Rather, some type of sweeter must be added to mask the bitter taste of the vitamin blend. Huel without any sweetener would be unpalatable.


@Julian @JamesCollier Is there any news on when the flavour pouches are being released? Can’t wait to try them, I’m currently spending a small fortune on fruit to blend in with my Huel! Thanks


@Sticky7ft the flavour pouches are now live - see here:


I’ll have to try one of those with my next order.

Looking forward to the reactions on the forums.


I’m very confused. @Julian, months ago you went on a minor rampage because Soylent (capitol S) uses maltodextrin. You claimed they tried to hide it, even though it was listed on their website and their nutrition panel. In other threads here, you talk about how much Huel is better than Joylent and Bertrand because of the minuscule amount of maltodextrin in Huel, compared with those alternatives.

But now, I see that maltodextrin is the main ingredient in each different flavoring pack? Why is maltodextrin now acceptable for Huel, but not for Soylent, Joylent, Bertand, and others?


The main difference is that in Soylent, the PRIMARY INGREDIENT is maltodextrin. The recommended usage for the flavour pack is 2% of the quantity of Huel powder, so you’re only getting around 1% maltodextrin in the total. And, of course, adding the flavour is optional with Huel.


I recognize that Soylent, Joylent and Bertrand contain a lot of maltodextrin. And I recognize that the flavour pack is added to Huel powered. And that adding the flavour is optional with Huel.

I really wasn’t asking “the main difference.” I (and you, and everyone) know “the main difference.”

I specifically asked one person why, after expressing such vitriol towards maltodextrin and Soylent, he then finds it acceptable to have maltodextrin as the PRIMARY INGREDIENT in the flavor pouches.

(That’s why I tagged @Julian, instead of asking a general question. But thank you for your input, regardless.)


@Danny is correct. The percentage will be tiny so won’t really matter. Plus my brief to the flavour company was “use natural flavour and natural sweetener”. Which they did, but when creating the label we asked for the full ingredients list and was disappointed to see maltodextrin but it was too late to go back to the drawing board.


How about xylitol ? I like the taste of that I’m not keen on stevia it’s not a nice taste. I’ve just ordered my first pack of Huel so will look forward to trying it :smiley:


Hi @Rach we have tested xylitol, it’s natural, taste is good, low cal, good for teeth, but it’s not as sweet as Stevia so will require a lot more volume.

Stevia = 300 sweetness index
Xylitol = 1
Sucralose = 600