Huel announcements


Thank you @Julian for replying yes the natural taste is good and the teeth part too all agreed there. I got my Huel yesterday I like my Tshirt as well thank you. I had some of the Huel 100g with 550 water - and have had another for breakfast this morning. I don’t know if you’ve had this before … but I felt more energetic and took quite a while to get to sleep last night I let my friend have a mix and she said she had the same in fact she also felt like going off to run a marathon is this normal?


@Rach I can’t say that after using Huel I’ve felt like running a marathon :wink:

But yes Huel is a great source of low GI energy, so should be ideal for long distance running.


Huel flavour packs cannot come soon enough.

They should have a scoop that provides an equivalent flavour-stuff-to-huel-scoop ratio. e.g. 3 scoops huel = 3 flavour-scoops flavour mix.


Agave nectar (often called Agave syrup) is a very popular sweetener in the natural health community.

This sweetener is touted as a healthy alternative to sugar because it has a low glycemic index.

The glycemic index (GI) is the potential of foods to lead to rapid spikes in blood sugar. Some studies show that eating a lot of high GI foods is unhealthy (10, 11).

But the harmful effects of sugar have very little to do with the glycemic index and everything to do with the large amount of fructose… and Agave is high in fructose.

Fructose doesn’t raise blood sugar or insulin in the short term, but when consumed in high amounts it leads to insulin resistance… a long-term effect that will chronically elevate blood sugar and insulin levels (12, 13).

Having blood sugars go up for a short time isn’t that bad, but having them chronically elevated (high all the time) is a recipe for disaster.

For this reason… the fructose content of sugar is a much bigger problem than its glycemic index. Regular sugar is about 50% fructose, while Agave is about 70-90% fructose.

Gram for gram, agave nectar is actually much, much worse than regular sugar.


Very excited by the mention in the last mailout about a version of Huel that won’t need water adding. Am crossing my fingers for a biscuit or bar version.


A bar version would be awesome but how would they do it? Some people have three scoops some 4 etc and some people use milk which adds calories. They would have to stock a wide variety of bars. But I hope they do as I would also prefer bars to shakes.


Will be interesting to see what is coming out, and if it’s dry or maybe small ‘shots’ of thick premixed Huel. Small savoury single scoop sized biscuits would be cool, then people could put toppings on them to boost calories or flavour if they wanted.


I hadn’t thought of biscuits/bars, but that’d be awesome. I was thinking more like Soylent 2 where it was ready mixed in a bottle.

Either way, I’m holding back on my next order to see what this next gen Huel is going to be. :slightly_smiling:




From as long as I can remember as a little kid, I have always loved the idea of just being able to take a single pill to provide all the nutrition you need. When I reached my teens I realised it isn’t really possible…but still like that concept.


If huel was able to make this in a pill where one pill = 1 scoop that would be awesome. Just take a few pills with water three times a day.


A ready to drink version like Soylent 2 seems like a sensible move. Putting any issues with their formula to one side, I imagine a company with $20m funding from Andreessen Horowitz (and the board level guidance that comes with it) probably knows what it’s doing in terms of growing the business. A RTD version clearly opens the product up to a much wider market.

Personally I am happy with the powder but if a RTD version was reasonably priced I can imagine myself buying a few crates to use occasionally.


Personally I think a premixed version would be a bad idea - I use a ZeroWater filter to ensure there’s no nasties in the water I’m using, we wouldn’t have the option to choose where our water comes from!
Plus premixed would massively increase weight which would likely cause shipping charges or price markup to cover it.
I’m down with a bar version, that way no water issues of either side, plus much easier for taking camping or when you’re otherwise away from home! Bring on the bars!! :slight_smile:


Oh of course I agree that the powder should remain. But you have to appreciate that such concerns do not apply to 99% of the potential market for Huel. So for growing beyond “enthusiasts”, I think RTD makes sense. Soylent clearly think it is the way to go from a business perspective and, as I said above, with their backing it’s not a decision that would have been taken lightly.


Oh no. Don’t make it a pill! I want Huel to be something I can eat/drink. Not just swallow a tasteless pill. :worried:


@ronnietucker don’t panic it was just a joke.


You’re meant to wait until April for that @Julian :smile:


I don’t like the idea of the ready made drinks, lots of waste.

Wasted energy transport water around the country, when we all have free access to water. Lots of plastic bottles to throw away too. 5 bottles a day, 35 a week, 152 a month, 1825 per year, if at 2000 cals a day.

Whereas with pouches there is a lot volume of waste.

Also our other new product has minimal packing.


So it’s definitely some sort of biscuit/flapjack type thing then? :smile:


I’m excited. Is there a date for an announcement? I’m down to my last pouch and wondering if I should hold off reordering? :wink: