Huel announcements


I wouldn’t advise that. The food industry are the worst I’ve ever dealt with. Slow and very unreliable. They work with you for months then pull out at the last minute. Happened several times. It took a year to get Huel to market. This new product was due for launch in Oct 2015 and we are still waiting.


OK thanks for the advice Julian, I wish you all the best on getting it to market smoothly and officially register my interest!! :slightly_smiling:
Incoming monthly Huel reorder… :wink:


I wouldn’t mind an NZT48 version of Huel.


Is there any way we can complain to the regulators to get their finger out?

I assume it’s just not possible to bring it to market without them?


Delighted to find a subscription option when I went to reorder - a very comprehensive set of management options too, signed up! :slight_smile:


Fingers crossed this is some kind of Huel bar / biscuit / flapjack coming soon.


I’m checking in every week and hoping for an announcement about a new solid product.


No announcements for so long(. We are in the dark.


I wish I could give you some better news. Hopefully, soon, :slight_smile:

How about a sneak preview of the new pouches?


That would be good… the current pouches are annoying me :slight_smile:


Here are some early pics of the new pouch, due in less than a month.

These new pouches hold the same amount of Huel but are a lot smaller, the seal is much better, and they tear very cleanly (the pouch in the photo has been open and you can see the tear is dead straight).


That looks great! Should fit in my cupboard more easily wihtout having to fold the bag over!
Also by the look of the folds it should stop bits hiding in the corners when pouring out the last of a bag! :smiley:


You didn’t say ‘no’ about the solid product so I’m taking that as a positive.


The new pouches look great.


I like the fact that you can confidently prepare your Huel with a fan in the background :wink:


Here are a couple of better photos.


This looks so much better.


Yeah, looks much better. I currently decant to a container but these look like they could negate the need for that. I like the stronger branding too :ok_hand:


The new pouches look great.


I agree with that. I decant at the moment…a decent pouch would negate that.