Huel announcements


You guys at Huel just keep on giving and giving. Thank you. :grinning:


Looks great :slight_smile:


Received my monthly shipment of Huel yesterday, in the new pouches! They are SO much of an improvement, and fit in my cupboard perfectly! lol
Well played Huel, well played.


@reintegrated Could you drop a note on this thread please :slight_smile:


I know this is responding to quite an old post, but having some ‘single serving samples’ would certainly encourage me to try some flavours. I’d happily spend 50p-80p for a single sachet just to try it. That way I could experience all the flavours without committing to large quantities. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.


I believe they are working on flavour samples as I feel the same. I’ve bought 3, tried another. Would like to try Strawberry.


We are indeed working on them, it’s just taking a while as the packaging is quite difficult to get correct. This is 100% something we want to do, however.