Feedback on the new pouches please

Hi Huelers,

We now have a new pouches for the vanilla and U&U (excluding the gluten free and the sample size). See below

The new pouch is smaller (but still holds the same amount of Huel), has a better seal, and tear strip which tears with a nice clean line.

I would love your feedback please, is the seal easier to close, etc?

Thank you, Julian.

  1. Easy to reseal
  2. Tears across easier
  3. Being less tall, easier to scoop out of
  4. Seems less likely to fall over
  5. Looks nicer

My order arrived today. I’ll let you know how they go!

They’re great, much better than the old ones:

  • look better
  • easier to seal
  • smaller

Significantly better all round
More stable
Better seal
100% success rate on single tear strip
But still transfer contents directly into plastic container for daily use

Very very hard to tip the last bit out into my container. It kept getting caught in a fold at the side.

I have and will continue to decant it into a sealed 1 litre container to use daily.

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Unfortunately only 1 out of my 3 bags delivered is the new type but I guess they need to get rid of old stock.
A great improvement.

The seal is bigger and so much easier to seal even with powder in the grooves
The tear strip at the top came off cleanly and smoothly with no fuss at all
Bags are smaller = less waste!
Easier to scoop from due to less height

Cons (minor):
Contents are more condensed meaning potentially more lumps - I like to shake my bags up to ‘fluff’ up the contents to reduce this
Now before I say anything, I fully realise the following is because of waste, but it’s feedback after all!..Branding is still surgical in that it doesn’t look like a food product and more like something that should be in a lab! Maybe put something like this on the front:

Look better. Easier to use.

I haven’t noticed more condensed powder than before. I like the straight-forward branding.

Hi guys, reposting from one of the other threads as requested:

“Received my monthly shipment of Huel yesterday, in the new pouches! They are SO much of an improvement, and fit in my cupboard perfectly! lol
Well played Huel, well played.”

That was about a month ago (I know, sorry, I’ve been busy!), and I’ve had my next shipment through, and still I’m totally in love with the new pouches, takes less than a second to easily and reliably open a new pouch, is much easier to get the last bits out of an empty one/pour dregs out, and so much less storage space as they stack really well flat - and of course much less waste!! Props all round!! :slight_smile:

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Everyone seems to be getting all new bags! I made an order a couple weeks ago and received 3 old bags and only 1 new bag :frowning:

Thank you @reintegrated for the kind words, we love them too!

@nykampmp Did you order gluten free Huel by any chance?

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Nope. Just normal Huel.
Also, I swear I put down x3 unsweetened and x1 Vanilla but I had x2 of each arrive. I didn’t bring it up though because it doesn’t matter too much.

They are perfect for me :slight_smile: not sure how they can be improved.

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Yep, ideal packaging. Can the bags be recycled after use ?

I would like to know that too. I don’t know what to do with the empty bags now. Are they plastic? But they are covered by some aluminum foiley sheet.

The pouches are sadly not recyclable, currently. They are made of a composite of plastic outer layer for strength and ensure it’s waterproof and an inner layer of foil to block light, this stops the micro nutrients degrading.

We could make the pouches recyclable tomorrow, from biodegradable material. However, the compromise is that they will be weaker, will start to breakdown in the presence of moisture and will not block all the light. These means that the shelf life of Huel will need to be reduced, and there will be significant increase in product being spoiled due to water damage and general wear and tear. Therefore, we think overall using the current stronger, light blocking non-recyclable pouches actually creates less waste overall.


That’s fine, we will have to think of some innovative ideas to recycle the bags in other ways. I’m sure they’ll make fancy plant pots around the house :slight_smile:


Yep that’s understandable. I think it’s kind of like the environmental impact of making an electric car, like Tesla. In that, right now they might need rare minerals from who knows where and the batteries and motors might not be very efficient requiring a lot of electricity that also come from who knows where. But if electric cars became the norm, then as much research and development that went into gasoline cars would go into electric, making them more efficient and environmentally friendly.
So seeing how this is a fairly young product with a small market I think as popularity grows things like this will also improve. I think. Or I hope.
Anyway, the overall impact of being on a vegan diet compared to one with a lot of meat probably makes the bags seem pretty insignificant.

But still recyclable from biodegradable materials sounds pretty awesome.

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Love the new pouches. Better experience in every way :slight_smile: