New Huel Pouches (smaller and with a better seal) - Shipping Now!

Hi all you Huelers!

As of today our new, smaller, easier to seal pouches are being shipped! You no longer will need to peg your bag and stuff your pouch under you desk!

The new pouches are just for the Huel Original. Aren’t they beautiful!


Loving my new pouch!

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Are those posing pouches? Groan…I shall get my coat!

Looking good, Mr Pouchy McHuel

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Any customer feedback on the new seals?
Personally I still miss the Joylent bags. Now that was an ingenious way to insure that the powder doesn’t contaminate the seal.
I’ve still got ~4 months of stocks though.

what’s so special about their bags?
I stopped using Joylet about a year ago so I’m not aware of what they’ve done since!

Will this be available for vanila flavour too?

Yes, I’ve just got a shipment of vanilla in the small bags.

@janh yes both vanilla and U&U are now shipping in the new pouches.

Then you’ve probably seen what I mean. I’m on my last Joylent pouch and it’s a leftover from ~1 year ago as well.
It’s that the seals on the bags are on one side of the bag and not at the top and they’re pre-sealed from the factory. As a result, there’s much less pressure on the seal to open (inside the bag) during shipping and powder virtually can’t get into the seal. I think you can guess the benefits of that.

Opened my first new bag today:

  • It’s smaller (so reduced chance of getting my arm covered in powder as I reach into the bag)
  • The seal is massively more robust, I think it’s actually a double seal? There was no powder stuck in it, so no need to run a knife along it or meddle with it, and it feels much easier and more satisfying to pop shut.
  • The bag stands up straight on it’s own more easily because of the shape of the sides.
  • The texture feels slightly nicer / higher quality?

Overall very happy, great work guys!


Thank you so much! We’re pretty pleased with them too!

They get a double thumbs up from me :+1::+1:

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The Marcus seal of approval! :smiley:

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I still spill powder all over the place everytime I make a shake haha - Love the new bags though, a million times better than the bigger bags

The seal is better but two pouches, from an order I received this week, had wholes in them at exactly the same spot on the side where the l of the Huel logo is. The material wasn’t pierced like from a sharp item but more like ripped open because of weak material. I sent an email with a picture.

Quick update - I received a friendly email back from customer care and they offered to replace the pouches. Good service. Thanks!

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Huge improvement! Also discussed in Feedback on the new pouches please

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Is just me or huel went back to the flimsy seal it had before this update? I did my order just a few weeks ago and the box had powder inside (it’s been ages since I don’t have this problem).

I’ve checked the seal and it was the old one (one single stripe only)… why?!

We had to move some V3.1 production to Foodpack to meet demand. Foodpack uses a single line sealer. We are ordering a new sealing head for Foodpack to match our other sites which should hopefully prevent this down the line. Sorry for the trouble you’ve experienced in the meantime.

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