New stronger Huel pouches now shipping

Hi Huelers,

Good news, the new stronger Huel pouches now shipping.

In general the new pouches, which were launched earlier this year, have been well received. They are more compact and have a superior tear strip and seal. However, a small percentage were bursting during delivery. So we have had the side gusset redesigned and reinforced. These stronger pouches are now shipping on all large versions of Huel.

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I just got my order delivered not 30 minutes ago, any chance this was with the new stronger bags or did I miss it by a single day (I ordered yesterday)? The pouches seem pretty strong but this is my first order so I don’t have anything to compare it to.

Regardless, awesome work!

Yes you should have received the new stronger pouches :slight_smile:

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Is this also for the flavor packets as mine never seals properly?

this is just for the large pouches. The flavour pouches are a few weeks away.