Feedback on the new pouches please

Hi there, love the new pouches, but has the vanilla pouch become less thick? As in when mix it it seems to be a much thinner mixture.

How about having long term storage tins with recyclable cheaper re-fill containers, pretty much like tea is sold.


Just starting my new supply UU in the new style bags, liking the size &the shape much better.
They sit upright, much easier to deal with :smile:

I am very happy about the new pouches and fully agree with each of the points quoted above. Huge improvement, thanks :smile:

I am not a fan of the Huel pouches. Yes they seal pretty good, but I prefer to empty out my Huel into a cerial container.

The pouches are pinched together near the top meaning that when you try to tip out the contents the Huel gets stuck in the pinched area on the side - the pinched bags make a little pocket inside. Try tipping out one of the bags into a cerial container and you see that it’s impossible to do without making an almighty mess.

To get around this disfunctional design I’ve resorted to leaving the top sealed turning the bag upside down, and cutting with scissors to open the bag from the bottom and tipping into the tub that way.

I’d suggest buying a small bag of protein from BulkPowders or MyProtein and have a look at their bags. The design of theirs does not have the pinched sides and so the contents can be tipped out into a tub and slides out smoothly and cleanly. No mess unlike Huel pouches.

@reach4thelasers why do you empty them out into a cereal container?

The new pouch seal extremely well (my better than the BulkPowders or MyProtein seals), plus they are compact. I scoop directly from the pouch and it works fine for me.

I’ve got lots of height and limited width in the cupboard where I keep it. Using a container lets me maximise the available space. Plus it’s more convenient to open and close and it looks tidier so if I want I can leave it sitting out on the surface.

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@reach4thelasers I have some Huel pouches in the cupboard and one of the work surface, looks cooler than a cereal container, and just as easy to open and close.

The branding is brilliant - reminds me of the Lufthansa style, which I love.

I bought it based on the science, not the look of the container.

Bags are great, easy to open and easy to reseal.

Don’t change a thing.

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The post asked for feedback and I gave mine. It may not be the same as yours but it’s my feedback, my opinion. You are entitled to your own opinion but your input to mine is not required. Cheers.