Versions of Huel?

I’m using U&U Huel and my bag bag says v1.1, but have seen a post on here regarding a 1.2 version? Also read about a newer version having an emulsifier in.
Can someone clarify which I should expect in my next order? And if the version with emulsifier has been manufactured yet? (I presume making a v1.3?)
Thanks in advance!

Hi Bex, could you tell me what batch number you have? Basically v1.1 Unsweetened does not contain a thickener called gum arabic, v1.2 Unsweetened contains this thickener. When people are referring to v1.2 they may mean Vanilla 1.2 which has always had gum arabic in (FYI the difference between vanilla 1.1 and 1.2 was that 1.2 was less sweet :slight_smile: ).

Hope that clears it up!

Hi @TimOfficeHuel the batch number is 2138. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, I just like to know what to expect from my next order! Thanks

Just got the unsweetened v1.2 and think you hit the nail bang on the head. The consistency is perfect.