Any update on Canada/US delivery?

So I was an avid Hueligan - been using it since January and absolutely loved the stuff; however, in July I emigrated to Canada, and with no delivery options here I had to give it up.

Since living here, I’ve tried several Huel alternatives (Soylent, Hol, Biolent), but none of them even come close to Huel in terms of ingredient quality, satiety, and just general tastiness.

I think I read something on another thread that you were hoping to have US/Canada delivery available by the end of the year, so wanted to see if you’d made any progress or had any sort of update at all? I’d love to get back on the Huel!

Have you considered a service similar to this?

Progress is good. Although end of the year isn’t likely. We are look at February now. But we have a blending facility, a fulfillment house and really it is just the details we need to get finalised. Sorry for the delay, we know there is considerable demand for an alternative to those mentioned, so we cannot wait to sort this out for you!


wow, so you will produce it out there, not just ship it?

Yes there will be a facility in North America making Huel


Great news! I didn’t realise you were planning on making it in North America, but very happy you are - hoping delivery to Canada isn’t too expensive.

I’m just keeping in mind Cadbury’s chocolate - love the stuff you buy in Britain, but the stuff you get over here is made in a N American factory (licensed by Hershey’s, I believe). It looks the same, has the same wrappers, says ‘Cadbury’s’ on it and everything, but it tastes very different (not in a good way). Fingers crossed you manage to avoid that happening with Huel! :smile:

UK milk chocolate is pretty unique in terms of formulation. It’s actually different to European milk chocolate and has to be labelled differently in Europe compared to the UK.

Hershey’s license the Cadbury’s name but they don’t seem to care about the recipes, massive shame if you ask me. There used to be a store in NYC that sold grey import cadbury but hershey’s went after them and closed them down :frowning:

FAO Schwartz on 5th Ave used to sell English chocolate before they closed down. Having seen American products in English supermarkets and specialty sweet stores for a huge mark up, it was weird seeing English chocolate in an American store. It was about $6 for a small Dairy Milk!

Think that’s who I was thinking of.

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Cool, cool shop! Great graphic novel selection too!

According to a video I have just watched from another thread that is because they contain baby foetus’ :flushed:

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February is winding down – any progress to report?

It’s imminent but there are a couple of issues that have slowed it, including different legeslations in the US.

Bump - just checking in again to see if there were any further developments since the last update?

Still imminent?

Yep, still imminent. We really apologise; trust me, we’re working on it!

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Any update on Canada shipping? I was hoping to order some this week :frowning:

The situation remains the same unfortunately. We’re still going through the regulatory process for being able to sell Huel in Canada, and I don’t have a date on when this might be completed, only that it isn’t going to be the very near future. Sorry about the wait, Yazin