USA order

Hey everyone. I have been a soylent user for over a year. I love the idea of complete food thats easy to use and affordable but the taste of solent is not so great. I was able to aquire some huel from ebay a few months back and absolutely loved it. I have been following huel ever since waiting for us shipping. I was able to place an order today. I never got an email about the US shipping but I am very excited to begin using huel for breakfast and lunch in order to start my weight loss plan. I look forward to meeting people on the forum here aswell


Yup, it’s a stealth campaign clearly. (“The British Are Coming! but verrrry quietly”…) See this slightly older thread.

I got an order confirmation, but have yet to receive any kind of shipment notification. Have you?

I just ordered yesterday, so no shipping email yet. I’m confused as to why we haven’t seen an official statement from Huel announcing USA shipping yet. People have ordered but no one has had a shipping email yet from what I see.