Huel thru Iherb

Hey @Tim_Huel

I was wondering if Huel has any plans to be sold thru Iherb?

IHerb got really good shipping rates that include customs and taxes prepaid, making deliveries every efficient.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion! We haven’t considered this no, but have looked into other retails outlets. The problem is that by doing so we totally lose control of your journey. By purchasing Huel at we can be sure to give you great tips on how to have Huel, help sort out shipping problems ourselves (and thus faster) as well as being able to give you an option on t-shirt size (a small thing but important to many). We find this currently with Amazon.

Out of interest, how much would a comparable amount of powdered food cost to ship to you on iHerb compared to I think the solution is to continuously strive to provide better and better shipping options on our own website!


Hi @Tim_Huel

Thanks for the response.

Being the VP of Customer Success in a SaaS company, I can completely relay to the fact that you always want to be part of the customer journey. I also know the importance of sending / sharing goodies like shirts to increase product loyalty.

(Kind of excited to get my first shirt myself, it should arrive tomorrow. Until now I ordered only granola, so now I finally got the starter kit because I ordered powder as well)

Regarding Iherb…

They are also working with DHL for international shipments and are known for getting very low shipment rates. I don’t know really know how they manage to get those rates, I assume they work on high volumes so they get discounted prices…

What is nice in Iherb is that the taxes and all additional fees are already prepaid, so you know exactly how much you going to pay for custom fees and ‘handling’ before the shipment is sent. That also makes the entire shipment process much more smoother and faster, as you don’t need to declare or pay anything separately. (that caused delays in my last order from Huel , the package got stuck in the customs until I sent them the papers manually)

I’m attaching a screenshot of another meal replacement product I used before moving to Huel, you can see an example of the costs there for a package a bit heavier than 7KG. Oddly , the shipment costs goes down the as heavier as your package gets… at least for me. I never paid more than 10-15$ on the shipment itself…

You can can probably play and test it a bit with yourself as well, it takes 30 seconds to open account - then just add something to your caer and you can see the shipment costs.

Let me know if I can help with anything else ! :slight_smile: