How can I invest in the Huel company?

If they had shares that would be easy but they are not quoted on any stock market. Huel seems like a good investment.


They just received 20 million quid in funding from growth equity investor Highland Europe. Don’t think they need 20 quid from you.


How about spending your money sprucing up this forum, slap some paint up, new carpets. What about a bar and games room that would be appreciated. State of the art gym as well. :grin::grin:


It would have been a tad more than £20. If they had tradable shares anybody could have invested.


That’s the idea of public shares, but not private.

Huel is a private company, it’s not listed.

Only way you’re getting your mitts on a slice is by slipping Julian a cheeky pint down the local after a few rounds.


I’d invest if I could, just saying.


Personally I would love our customers, and especially our loyal hueligans, to be share holders and benefit from our growth.

Earlier this this year we set up a share options scheme for all employees and we thought long and hard about raising shares from the crowd. Via crowdcube et al the max is 8m euros, and to do a full IPO or raise like “equity for punks” is a lot more work than it first seems.

That doesn’t mean we won’t ever do it, just not this year. I would like do a raise from our loyal hueligans next year.


Thanks for taking the time to write that Julian, I wasn’t expecting this to be noticed!

I’d considered raising the point myself but was unsure if it’d warrant response.

As Sweetroll said, I’d certainly invest if we were given the opportunity!


i’d invest too!

Get it sorted Julian. I have serious money I could invest.

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This is something I’ve long been interested in too. Bring on the next raise!

Agreed here: one of the first companies I would really like to invest in. Small stuff, but still.

Growth potential is limitless and an interesting niche.

I’d invest too, nothing big though… poor student lol

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Weird flex but okay


I made a quid or two from bitcoin Im afraid.

It’s a meme haha

I’d love to invest too

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I love this company and it seems like it can make a large difference in the world. Huel has helped me easily transition to a fully plant based diet and dramatically improve my health. I would surely be interested in investing, and believe me that I will tell everyone I know to buy huel!

Now a year later, any news on this?