Would Huel consider equity crowdfunding?

Hello, fellow Hueligan here! Long time lurker, first time poster.

I was just wondering if Huel would ever consider equity crowdfunding? @Tobias_Huel @Cam_Huel @Tim_Huel :pray:

Crowdfunding can have great marketing benefits, but also raises funds for the company’s growth. Some great brands have done it like Simple Feast, Brewdog, Allplants, THIS, etc. For those that don’t know, equity crowdfunding is where private companies offer up a stake (equity) in the company to their customers/the public. Yes, I’m a crowdunding nut in case you couldn’t tell! :crazy_face:

But yeah, Huel has been a game-changer for me; I’ve been trying forever to adopt a tasty, low-calorie, plant-based, nutritionally complete diet that’s high in protein (I train alot so this is a must for me) - and Huel was honestly the answer to my prayers. Huel black and the ready-to-drink categories have been a godsend especially. Anyway, I would be first in line to invest in Huel, would anyone else be interested?

Please do mention in the comments if anyone else would consider investing in Huel! The more of us that are interested, the more likely Huel would be to do it :slight_smile:

The idea has been discussed by the Huel team more than once over the years but it hasn’t materialised into anything.

Huel did raise £20 million pounds 3 years ago through private investment so I doubt they need crowdfunding at the moment.

you can read the aged thread here that includes several replies from the Huel team.


thank you for this! It seems @Julian (huel founder) and @JamesM_Huel (Huel CEO) expressed interest several times over the years, but the time’s never been right, or something got in the way. :pensive:

I hope this is something we can make happen this time round though! :pray:

Phil beat me to it, I was going to send this very thread!


It was a great read, thank you! I love that the interest has been there from management for some time. I must be honest though, it’s still unclear to me- will huel crowdfund at some point? Would you say yes, no or maybe?

I can not express how much i’d love this, so please make it happen :pray: :sob: :crossed_fingers:

In the near future, it’s probably a no while we’re still a private company. As mentioned in the other thread too, we’re very product and experience-oriented and so are still prioritising focussing on those elements to provide the be the best in every field for our Hueligans!