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We’re looking to write some fresh new articles for our website, but what’s the point in writing them if you don’t want to read them?!

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We’d love to hear your suggestions! Doesn’t have to be specifically about Huel either.

I would love to read an article about the sustainability and environmental impact of huel. I know you guys have been working hard to answer this question for a while now, but it seems to be a question you get a lot.

An article explaining what is difficult about working out the environmental impact of huel or even how huel could help feed our growing population, wouldn’t be missed.

Sorry if you have already published something similar, i just haven’t come across it.


More fitness stuff would be good, but I understand you guys aren’t fussed on promotion of Huel as a fitness product.


I agree with @GTIPuG
Personally I’ve found it to be the best post-workout meal / drink I’ve tried.
Because it’s a drink, it’s rehydrating, it has both protein and carbohydrates so is great for recovery and muscle building equally.
Best of all its vegan (most fitness products are based on whey), gluten free, soy free and not full of sugars.
I make a shake first thing, fridge it, then stick it in my sports bag with a couple of ice packs.
It’s pretty blissful downing a huel whilst still ice cold, after coming out the gym. It stops me getting cramps, and stops me from shaking with hunger all the way home then scoffing anything I can get my hands on.


Yes absolutely! Some great ideas there.

We have this article on our site which has some information about the environmental impact of Huel in. It’s not quite the article you want, but might still interest you.

I’m sure we could come up with some content around this without portraying Huel as a supplement. You’re right that we stay away from this because Huel has a far bigger use with busy professionals than the niche market of sports supplements, but still something to think about. Thanks! Anything in particular?

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But what about the busy professionals who still unnecessarily bring tubs of chicken, brocoli and rice to work because it helps the gains? I’m not saying to portray it as a supplement, just emphasise the fact that this stuff is gains fuel!

I always thought an area of the forum for training programs, tips, exercise advice etc would be good.

Combining that into article with James’ bodybuilding experience would be refreshing for sure. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link. I’m having a read of it now :slight_smile:

Another vote for articles around fitness and using Huel to support fitness objectives. It makes it a lot easier to manage calories/macros regardless of what your fitness goals are.

On a completely unrelated note given the UK wide information campaign that is allegedly about to kick off, it might not be a bad idea to have an article on the impact or not of Brexit on supply chain. I suspect there will be articles about stockpiling for a no deal transition period from other food manufacturers so it would be good to understand what the team at Huel is doing to ensure they can meet demand. Plus any potential impact on non-UK customers who have their Huel shipped from the UK. Oh, and whether you anticipate any price rises post Brexit.





A sci-fi novel featuring serial killers and sharks. You could do it in weekly instalments.


I would second the request for information about how Brexit will affect (or hopefully NOT affect!) our Huel supply :slight_smile:

Something like the GYO manga by Junji Ito?



That’s great. Bring it on.

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Usual crap from usual folk has taken over this thread yet again, but point still stands and looks like there’s a reasonable amount of support. :smiley:

What dya think?


In my part, I would like to see more about the inner Huel. Like Origin story, or something more about the workers etc


I’d like to read the @GTIPuG guide to humour. Should only take 30 seconds to read…if you are a slow reader.

How they are forced to eat a weird sort of gruel.

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I’d like to see something on metabolism/nutrient uptake etc on the 40/50 plus age groups. Also something on effect of the menopause for women on calorie requirement etc. Other age related factors e.g. bone density and arthritis. Plus how Huel can help, or what we oldies need to be aware of diet wise.


Also, I really like the articles (all of them) and re read them from time to time.

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I’ve just received an email from a Huel competitor (well not quite, as they don’t sell complete foods), discussing their usage of stevia as a sweetener above all others. Quite interesting info on all the sweeteners, one of which I’d never even heard of, I could post it up, but not sure if the Huel guys would want me to.

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