100% Huel clarity

I’m picturing rikefrejut typing that while his useless jaw hangs loose like a zombie.

But yeah, I’ve never heard of anyone losing the ability to chew, except in cases of brain injury.

Just to play devil’s advocate… If haven’t chewed for 9 years, how do you know you haven’t lost jaw strength? I’m not disputing that you have full range of movement and health, but if you tried to chew something, especially something firm, it might be a different story. But you could also say that your jaw is fine for what you use it for.

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Yeah like I’m going to believe some random guy on the internets random anecdotal ‘evidence’ :eyes::rofl:

The nutritionists at Huel saying that will be based on something. Personally I’ll side with them plus think what I said above.

Your chat-up lines are getting worse.

I saw a homeless guy asking for change in Glasgow last week. He was drinking a bottle of Huel*. I asked him if he preferred that to “normal” food, and he said “Not really but beggars can’t be chewers”.

*Actually it was a bottle of Buckie.

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I do a lot of that, especially when reading your posts in company.


That is a fair point. I haven’t noticed any lack of strength in my jaw for what I use it for, which is not much aside from talking.

I’m not planning on going back to chewing any food ever, but if I had to, I’m sure I could regain the strength over time, similarly how one would train for any exercise after not doing it for a while.

Apologies if anyone has asked you this before – but do you ever chew gum to help mitigate jaw muscle and bone atrophy on an exclusively liquid diet?

People asked, and no I don’t chew gum because I don’t see any need to mitigate anything. I haven’t noticed any problems nor have I read any studies that would show it is a real problem for people who have a good diet, exercise, have good dental hygiene, and talk.

fair enough

Just to throw another perspective into this discussion: What about if someone were to not be on 100% Huel, but 100% nutritionally complete food products of varying brands? If variety of ingredients is an issue, this could solve it as different companies use different ingredients in their products.

In terms of chewing, I thought the non-drinkable products in the range were partially to address that issue? There used to be granola, so you almost had the full range then. Breakfast cereal, snack bars, hot savoury meals. Well, the only thing missing I suppose would be sandwiches.

In summary, even if you’re a fan of nutritionally complete food products:

  • You don’t have to stick to just one brand
  • You don’t have to only have the liquid versions