16 bags of Huel powder

Has anyone ordered 16 bags of Huel at a time (the maximum allowed)? And gotten an approximately 28-kg box? How did you move or transport it? A 28-kg box is significantly less wieldy than, say a 28-kg suitcase with handles and wheels. Or does it come in multiple smaller boxes? Curious to know your experiences.

I haven’t but I’ve received an 8-bag box and I would bet my bottom dollar they ship 16 in two boxes. Health and safety innit.

Isn’t there a “Do you even lift?” tick box at checkout?

A little bit of deadlifting and farmer walking fixes this.


Mine came in 16 individual boxes last time I did it.


You ticked the “Do you even juggle?” box didn’t you?


Ive done it before. It comes in two separate boxes. I found both boxes to be heavy.
Although I’m build like spaghetti.
I’m sure a thicc boi such as yourself will have no problem

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Two seperate boxes :+1:

I recently ordered 12 and got a big box with 10 and a shoebox sized box with 2. DPD handed them over together.

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