3 full bags FOR £40

Hi all,
I have tried and tried to get on with Huel but sadly it’s not for me. I have 3 full bags of Vanilla (New & Improved) and probably about 3/4 of a bag too…

I am offering 3 full (plus the 3/4) bags of Huel and an Original shaker for £40.
I am in Andover so anyone around the Basingstoke,Winchester area let me know.

Thanks for looking…


Hey Cherie, sorry to hear that Huel isn’t for you. What was it about Huel that you weren’t so keen on? We would love to either help you out or improve ourselves. There are hundreds of ways to enjoy Huel and it takes everyone a few goes to get it right. :slight_smile: Let us help you out!

Hi Cherie, i am from basingstoke and will buy these from you if still available?

Hey evoona32,
Yes it’s yours if you want it. Are you able to get to Andover?


Hi Tim,
The texture for me personally, I tried so many things and haven’t managed to find anything I like.
I’m sorry I’m not a Hueler but unfortunately it’s not my cup of tea.