A huel-style world

I wonder at what point in the future a human diet will be made up mainly of powdered food such as Huel. It appears to me to be the only realistic answer to the human population expansion and ensuring access to food for everyone as it is easy to produce and good for the environment, not to mention healthy. My mind takes to Wall-E and wondering if Huel style products are the only solution to preventing this kind of future - as of current 67% of UK citizens are overweight or obese.

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I think the main answer/issue we have to deal with is food waste. We already produce far more food globally than we need but waste huge amounts of it too. If we, as a species, can get a grip of food waste and distribution it becomes less of an imperative what kind of food that is. You would think that a food such as Huel with a long shelf life and limited waste potential would be the ideal answer but it also presents its own challenges.

For example – if the whole global population were for some reason forced to move to a solution like that in the future then you would face massive water security issues in regions where it is already a precious commodity.