Another new Huel user here!


Oh wow the chalky thing is normal? I literally opened my first Huel bag 10 minutes ago, made up the Huel after watching the founder’s video on Youtube on how to make it. Its still lumpy even though I’ve been shaking it for 5 minutes.

This vanilla taste is really not doing it for me. Thanks for the tips on the flavdrops / banana. I quite like mango. Gonna see if it will improve the taste. Praying that it will.


That shouldn’t be the case. What ratio of Huel to water are you using?


I was doing 500ml water, 3 scoops of Huel and then shaking and then topping up with water.

Since then I have tried mixing the Huel with cola! Very very bad. Don’t even ever try.

Also Ferrero Roche which so far is the only thing which helps me pretend those lumps are bits of but from the choc. I managed to drink maybe half of one Huel meal.

Tomorrow I will try crushed sugar free mints.


I would’nt dream of it, sounds absolutely vile!!


Try 400 ml, 2 scoops, shake well, add 3rd scoop, shake, top up with water and shake again. There shouldn’t be lumps.


Or maybe try my version

300ml water and add 2 scoops

This way you can have 3 delicious shakes during the day instead of 2 which you may have had with 3 scoops !

And a bonus is 1/3 of the calories less (assuming you don’t have that extra shake :thinking:)


Hey sorry for missing this post, I’m so pleased you’re experimenting with what works for you and gaining loads of great insight from the lovely people here, I think we’re pretty lucky as a company to seem to attract some bloomin’ lovely people!

Did this happen? Would love to hear more!

Vegetable protein can be a little chalky but I think we’ve done an amazing job of masking this with our Vanilla flavour system.

Sorry to hear you’re getting lumps. Could you try reducing the quantity of water on the first shake? We recommend 400ml + 3 scoops --> shake. Then top up with 200ml. This should give the Huel more room to groove. :dancer:

Hope this helps!


I’m going to try Huel + curry. Anyone tried savoury solutions?