Any fellow Gout sufferers on here?

I have suffered with Gout for the last 25 years. I have not had an attack in over 5 years until three weeks ago when I suffered an horrendous swelling in both my toes. The only change in my dietary routine was replacing breakfast with Huel. I’m not blaming Huel but does anybody know if it is high in Purines ?

Hi Zorro. Here’s an article for you to read from the Huel website Purines, Gout and Huel


The same Purines as Spinach and beef which are two big no no’s for gout sufferers.
Mmm might have to give Huel a miss unfortunately.

It is, regrettably, one of the very few conditions that Huel doesn’t seem to be very compatible with

Hi @Zorro - We recommend that for those who are susceptible to gout should take caution if they have a high calorie requirement and are considering using Huel for 100% of their nutritional intake, and it would be preferential to limit Huel to one or two meals/snacks per day.

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