Using Huel for 1 year and just diagnosed with Gout

I have been talking Huel for over a year now as 1 meal a day and love the completeness I feel after for several hours. Before Huel I was always hungry.

I am a fit and healthy eating 46 year old who doesn’t drink or smoke. 2 days ago I was diadnosed with Gout after going to Hospital with a susp cted broken toe!

My concern now is if any of the ingredients may be triggering Gout as I want to continue using Huel to control my Purine levels. My Wife is convinced Huel is rhe trigger. Is anyone else using Huel as part of a Gout revised diet. Peas seem to pop up a food to moderate.



I too have Gout and don’t drink. Losing weight kicks it off the worst or sudden exercise. Red meat, orange juice and mushrooms are the very worst for me. Dehydration can be a factor too. Bloody horrible. Be kind to your feet, don’t bang them or knock them. I’ve also started wearing larger shoes with inserts and looser socks. I know it sounds like a faff, but I’ve completely turned it around touch wood.
Just started with Huel so I can’t help there, but I’m not particularly concerned about the ingredients. Good luck. It’s just the worst.

I used to get gout a lot, weekly, sometimes both feet at once… ouch!

My solution: Cherries! I buy bags of frozen cherries at the supermarket and also concentrated cherry juice online.

I add it to my Huel shakes (chocolate and cherry is Heavenly!) and I never get gout anymore.


Thanks for the reply, how many times do you have Huel a day? Is it once or
twice. Also, did you modify anything else in your diet?



Simply adding cherries did the trick.

I have only been using Huel since earlier this year, but adding cherries to the blender as I prepare Huel is what I do now.

Just to say, the gout clearing up was not Huel-related.

Sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis, I’m not familiar with the causes of gout but I’m sure @JamesCollier would be able to give you some suggestions in relation to Huel. A quick browse suggests that gout isn’t caused by food choices and the only dietary risk factor is, as you’ve said, alcohol consumption. On this alone, it suggests Huel isn’t the trigger.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope the Huelers here can give you some more helpful tips.

Hi @3dmorphosis - sorry to hear about your gout.

Gout is primarily linked with lifestyle and alcohol or some metabolic issues. If you’re pre-disposed to gout, then high intakes of higher purine foods can exasserbate symptoms and oats are quite high. Howevver, I wouldn’t I call Huel for one meal a day a high intake.

Hi Tim,

Thank you for the response. What are the purine levels for Huel if taken
for 1 meal a day (3 scoops)?

Many thanks,


We don’t have that figure at the moment, but I’ll look into it. Oats are fairly high in purine and Huel is over 50% oats.

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​Also, Peas can be an issue for some people so it would good to know how
much protein percentage is from Oats, Peas and Rice.


For the record, I do not drink a lot of alcohol, rarely in fact. It is not right to assume gout is caused by alcohol consumption. I know several others who rarely if ever drink alcohol at all yet they too suffer from gout.

Hi Thanks,

Yes I understand that each person have their own triggers for Gout but
alcohol seems as a general starting point a good area to cut back on with
positive results. Some people I have spoke to have Bitter as their trigger
and changing to Larger with less attacks. Other people drink Red Wine &
other I have spoken to Red is their trigger. As some alcohol is also high
in Purines this then adds quickly to the safe levels you should be under
but is dependent on also what you eat as well as the alcohol.Plus the
Dehydration factor from Alcohol and the strain on your Kidneys. My Dad has
drank heavily all his life, but as a vegetarian and running 1 hr everyday
never suffered from Gout. Since he stopping exercising as much he has not
got away with the lifestyle and has developed Gout. This may be due to his
benefit loss from the sport or he may of developed it anyway.

It’s simply the worst pain I have ever experienced. To have it in both big toes at once is indescribable… :smile:

Thank you for your comments on this…it seems life before and after the
first flare up. I am determined to change my lifestyle even though I
already exercised 5 days a week running/cycling and the gym + 24 bmi+no
smoker+ moderate drinker at the weekend. I think my 20s and 30s are
catching up on me.

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oh this sounds amazing

It’s like a Black Forest Gateau flavoured Huel :heart_eyes:


I have been a long time sufferer of gout. Oats and pea protein are linked to gout, so Huel could definitely trigger gout.

I want to try Heul but I am nervous about getting an attack.

I have been having issues with gout the last few years with it flaring up every six months or so.

I have had a few more issues this last 6 months with it flaring up 3 times or so, I don’t know if this is due to the Huel or not because I started using Huel because my diet was so bad, also I have moved countries and the normal food & drinks part of my diet has changed in that time also (for the better I think) only time will tell and I will be back to add to this post in the future.

On a side note I am tee total so alcohol is not a factor but I used to be a heavy user of recreational drugs (stimulants) and suddenly stopped in the same 6 month timeframe, I only mention this in case it is similar for other people having gout when cleaning up their lives. For now the Huel continues as I think the benefits of getting good nutrition outweigh possibility of it causing more flare ups but I will be keeping an eye on it and other peoples updates.

damn… Im now concern about the gout…