Huel with Grit


New hueler and poster here so Hi.

I have recently started using huel in an effort to keep track of my calories and get the nutrition I need at work as I work as Long haul cabin crew and the plan food is slowly killing me.

My question is this… I suffer from Gout and 3 days after I started using Huel I suffered a flair up in my big toe. I just wondered if any other Hurlers suffer with this condition or have any ideas if the protein in Huel can affect it?

Many thanks

I don’t know. The subject of gout has come up several times in the past - put gout in the search field. It does appear that from the anecdotal evidence from posters that it could be a trigger…as I say though, I don’t know from personal experience.

Pharmacist here!
A quick search on the forum brings up some anecdotal evidence (makes it better/worse/causes it) but gout is caused by high uric acid levels in the blood. Nothing in the ingredients screams out to me to be gout exacerbating. The purine level in huel has previously been mentioned as a factor but I can’t really see it being a cause unless you’re extremely susceptible to gout attacks. In which case huel is probably healthier than whatever you would be eating without huel!
It’s often referred to as rich mans disease, because tubby people and people who eat a lot of fat-dense food are more likely to get it. But huel has a really good balance of fats.

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The latest scientific research suggests high uric acid levels are only 10% caused by diet and the other 90% due to the body’s inability to break it down.
So… Huel is probably not the cause.
My gran swore by cherry juice to help reduce her gout symptoms. Not sure if it worked.
I’d suggest adding turmeric into your diet daily as it’s a powerful anti inflammatory. But preferably not in the form as a hot curry as the chilli will exacerbate things!
If you don’t mind the taste, try grated fresh turmeric or a 1/2 tsp ground dry turmeric in a little cup of hot water.
If you find that gross, try making coconut (or any other milk) chai, using cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, tiny bit black pepper, cardamom, cloves and a little manuka honey for sweetness.
Modify / omit any of those ingredients to your own personal taste. It’s an Ayurvedic recipe that will help with any painful inflammatory condition. And it’s delicious :yum: I sometimes use this recipe to make my U/U Huel

I love golden milk…especially in winter.

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Article coming soon (ETA mid-Dec)

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