ANY PFAS in the Hot Pot?

Excited to receive my first Huel package and noticed the Hot Pot is BPA free but could someone from Huel confirm that it does not contain any PFAS?

Canada has banned PFAS and California (and other US States) has recently banned them from food packaging due to the ‘Forever Chemicals’ causing cancers and making female embryos sterile :frowning:

If Huel packaging and products do not contain any PFAS, then highlighting this fact would be a great opportunity to promote the brand :slight_smile:

Many thanks, James

PFAS is used in pulp based food packaging to add resistance to saturation by oils and water – such as paper wrappers, paperboards (pizza boxes, french fry holders, microwave popcorn bags, paper cups etc) so are not needed or used in the manufacture of plastic containers.

That isn’t to say that plastic containers may become contaminated with PFA’s from other sources such as sterilisation methods (like, it seems, everything else – even your drinking water) but as it’s not used in the production of products that clearly aren’t pulp based then it shouldn’t need labelling as such.

Otherwise we’ll end up with a situation like BPA - forcing manufacturers and brands to label products as BPA free even though they would never have BPA in them and confusing consumers who could have just found out for themselves very easily.

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Unfortunate but true – and its usually because of misinformation driving it – like this muppet on social media who seems happy to trash brands they have a beef with. Posting apparently official looking notifications - but very carefully worded - ‘information’ on products containing harmful cancer causing materials when they don’t. He/she definitely appears to have a hard on for Huel on their latest account after having the previous one shut down for spreading false information.

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Overheard a colleague trying to explain to someone that oats were naturally vegetarian, when the customer demanded they get in “normal oats” not these oats that were labelled as suitable for vegetarians.

No idea what the customer thought “vegetarian” meant.

This was in Somerfield’s, so a good 15-20 years ago, way before the “plant based” craze.

reminds me of when I used to do bar work when I was younger and when a customer asked for ice we’d always ask back if they wanted fresh or frozen. they always said fresh :slight_smile:


As someone who works in a bar, I’m going to start asking this question… :no_mouth::upside_down_face:

Thanks for your informative and humorous replies everyone.

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