Anyone have a history of iron deficiency, does huel help?

I’m mostly having a huel diet, and appreciate that it has 57% of the RDA of iron in it (because its non-haem iron). I’m only having 3 huel’s a day at the moment as I’m trying to loose weight and am a small female so don’t need many calories anyway (around 1400).
I’ve been a vegetarian around 4 times before, and struggled with iron deficiency everytime then ended up going back to meat because of it. Even though I’ve tried my best to eat iron rich foods.

I’ve recently just gone vegan and do really want to stick to it, and will be having usually 2 huel meals a day and a normal meal on the evening.

Does huel generally have more iron than a typical vegetarian meal? And has it helped anyone keep track of their iron intake a bit better? Any experiences with this?

Just hoping huel will be save me from becoming anaemic with a vegan diet

Would it be wise to still take an iron supplement?

Huel has a good explanation on their site about iron their choice in iron content due to some people thinking the content was too high, found here:

I get regular blood tests for two medial conditions; under active thyroid and CVS, for CVS I get nutritional profiles and my iron hasn’t been low since starting Huel for a minimum of 2 x 100 g shakes per day.

Also my mum suffered with fibroids that caused a year and a half of constant excessive bleeding to the point of needing a blood transfusion.
Huel helped her bring up a lot of nutritional markers after this including Iron.

If it is something you are worried about, ask the gp to test your Iron levels now and then in a month or two and see the changes for yourself its the only way to be certain if it works for you.
They should be compliant if you already have a history of anaemia and you are changing your diet.

Hi, thank you that helps. Do you or your mum take iron supplements too?

My mum did for a while and had vitamin b shots but not any more. She was actually allergic to something in the iron tablets so she had to stop taking them. Her blood tests are actually better without them.

I have never had iron tablets.

Hey Janine,

Huel should be sufficient for your iron needs, but may not be at 1400kcal. The easiest way to avoid iron deficiency is to take a supplement. You could discuss this with your doctor who can also provide a relatively easy blood test to check your iron levels.

When you give blood they also test your iron levels so it’s another way to monitor this while helping other people.

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