I think Huel hot and savoury needs more iron

Love the new hot and savoury, but the iron content is a lot lower than the shakes with 26% of the RDA. As it is non-heme iron I think there should be around the same amount as the normal huel. Also I’m a short female needing around 1400 calories, so at that I’m not even getting enough iron. Especially if I were to diet using the new huel. The normal huel has prevented me getting anemia as I’ve been prone to it and had it a few times since going vegan.

Also I can’t access my old huel forum account. Says there isn’t an email associated with it when I do forget password even though I’m still getting the forum emails.

That being said love the new huel products!

Hello Neenie, if you were having a non huel Vegan diet how would you supplement your dietary iron? Would Iron containing tablets be feasible?

I think the iron content is higher in the shakes due to the oats being present which inhibits absorption due to Phytic acid? Might be wrong but hopefully someone from huel will add the two cents in :slight_smile:

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Already take them! And when I don’t have huel shakes I tend to become anaemic and have to centre my whole diet around iron.

Hmm maybe, just concerned about having the hot and savoury too much due to the lower iron content

So for your own nutritional needs then yes it does need more iron. The question is that based on the wider population does it need more dietary iron.

as its a savoury product (and if you like its taste) you could stir in one teaspoon (5mg) of Marmite - thats enough to add another 15% of your Iron RDI - just be careful about the salt levels. It would probably work really well in the tomato - not sure about the TGC.

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Perhaps some form of spinach for TGC?

Yes I get where you’re coming from. As Huel products are nutritionally complete at 2000kcal and as your iron needs are higher you may find a supplement helpful.

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