Quick newbie questions


I bought the sample pack the other day (super fast shipping - well done on that) and I have a couple of questions.

Firstly, what’re the (relatively) large brown bits after you’ve blended Huel? I only ask because my blended liquid seems to contain more prominent looking brown pieces than those I have seen from other Huel users or on social media. I read a post on here saying the flaxseed supplier has changed the size of the pieces, could this be it?

Secondly, although FAQ etc says you can have as much or as little Huel as you like, and in fact for gaining weight you’d be having more than the standard ~2000 calories, wouldn’t this affect the GDA? Especially for things that Huel already exceeds like vitamins and fibre? I know very little about nutrition but if a product is designed to provide roughly 100% of your GDA, if you consume more or less than the ‘designed’ amount, aren’t you getting more or less of your GDA? Is it bad to consume 3000 calories of Huel considering it consists of far, far more than 100% of the RDA of a certain vitamin?

Thirdly, I made my 100g sample for breakfast and wasn’t able to finish it all and I have a little bit left that’s been sat on my desk all day (not in the fridge I’m afraid) - is it okay to finish this? Provided that someone replies to this before I go to bed (as by the time I read any messages it will have been more than 24 hours).

Right, sorry for those questions, I sound like an absolute mess. In other news, really liking the product! The taste is good, looks a bit like pancake batter, and I’m sure I will order a larger supply at some point.

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Hey Sheza!

They are flaxseed yes, as these are slightly larger than the others.

There are upper limits of vitamins and minerals, however, these are far higher than the recommended nutritional levels. There are other Huel users consuming more than 2000 calories, for example: 100% Huel for 1 month - 2000-3000 Calories & toilet trips

It doesn’t become very nice if you leave it for a long time unrefrigerated, so I wouldn’t want to consume it if I were you!

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You don’t need to worry about the water-soluble vitamins. Exceptions might be vitamin B6, vitamin C, and niacin.

Fat-soluble vitamins are different. Too much vitamin A, D, or K can lead to increased levels that are unhealthy and can cause health consequences.

Thanks for your question Sheza - this is something that I was wondering about with regards to the vitamins etc?

I am aware that there are some that you will just get rid of and that is fine but what about the others like Vit A for example that it would be dangerous to overdose on?

The reason I ask is that I am currently on Huel for Breakfast and lunch with a normal dinner (or sometimes Breakfast, normal meal at lunch and then Huel again for dinner. Along side of this I was already taking supplements (vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc) but they are not meal replacements as such. I am not sure actually of the amounts in each one - I would need to check.

What is the likelihood of overdose? Are the upper limits for vitamins and minerals far higher than the GDA so it should be safe…or do I need to check my levels?