100% Huel for 1 month - 2000-3000 Calories & toilet trips

I have been doing 1 month of 100% huel. Not a single bit of hard food. See my post here that links into this. One point I wanted to separate was my calorie intake because I think this maybe something of interest to some people, especially gym goers.

Im short (166cm) and weighed 64kg when starting this. I am fairly fit and athletic/muscular build. I workout 3 times a week (GVT) and cycle 5 miles per day.

So here is my intake and experience.

Day 1-6 I had 4 shakes (3 scoops) -> 2000 calories
At the start of day 7 I weighed in and had lost 1kg. This was me not considering my calorie intake seriously. Considering I am doing a bulking workout program I realised I needed 3000 calories to actually support this. So I upped it, but in 2 stages to try to avoid bowel issues.

Day 7-11 I had 5 shakes (3 scoops) -> 2500 calories. Protein farts started, poos got softer and more regular (from the fibre increase) but all ok apart from that.

Day 12 -15 this is where things got bad. I have seen other and advice from the Huel guys suggesting 3000 calories worth of huel is fine for you in terms of its nutritional content. That being said, for me, 3000 calories caused issues practically. Poos are very very watery and my farts, which are now very regular, are so potent I honestly believe it would kill a small child. I am fully aware that high protein diets (currently this is around 225g/day) do this but wanted to point this out for people looking at consuming 100% Huel and looking to consume 3000 calories.

As I start writing this on my phone it’s 5:59am – Day 16 (in notes - will posted another time) and I have been on and off the toilet with bad diarrhea since 3am. My personal opinion, I am not a nutritionist, 3000 calories on 100% Huel, is not really possible to maintain comfortably considering how much fibre it has (210% of RDA). Its not only the toilet issue I experienced on Day 16, but the last few days have been hard to concentrate with my tummy makes noises every hour. And the farts, which happen every 5 minutes, being like finding the biting point on your first driving lesson, get it wrong and you stool – badly. This constant sphincter control on 3000 calories was too much for me and I have decided to stop working out, go down to 2500 calories worth, until this is complete to avoid more weight loss.

Day 16-17+ - I am sticking at 2500 calories and reducing my exercise for the remaining duration of this.

I would strongly suggest checking this calorie calculator out here -> http://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html -> so you know what amount is best for you.