Can we get recyclable packaging?

would most likely be white - im not sure the full composition of Huel’s bags are but multi layer bags have a minimum of 3 layers and up to 12 layers depending on the application they are used for. removing the print on a bag only removes one laminate layer which doesn’t sound a lot but in large volumes adds up. you can produce multi layer packs from recycled materials but recycling the bag itself is currently not a mainstream option.

A lot of these are really not recyclable due to the plastic films etc.

Thinking back to this

With all due respect, this answer does not make sense in 2023. I receive my non-recyclable packs of Huel every few weeks IN A CARDBOARD BOX. If a courier is going to crush a cardboard box so badly that they break sealed packages that are loose within that cardboard box, this would be an appalling level of service. You sack the courier or demand compensation, not pander to them.
The type of waxed paper packages used by Bulk are recylable and are delivered in brown paper bags without any problems. Put similar packages in a cardboard box and you have better protection and 100% recyclability. They are certainly good to store food for months, but you could surely use a higher specification version if you feel the need.
So it seems time to revisit this question and at least offer a recyclable solution for those who hate the idea of unnecessarily putting dozens of large non-recylable plastic and aluminium packages in landfill each year (as I have been unhappy to do). This is the largest component of my non-recyclable waste in a year.

the non recyclable bags began changing to recyclable ones with Essential product and the 3.1 products have also switched to them.

waxed paper isn’t recyclable or compostable.

since Huel changed to the new stronger boxes I cant recall seeing ANY complaints about damaged delivery packages on the forum.


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