Hi @JamesCollier

I’ve read that calcium and magnesium compete with eachother for the same amino acids and this worries me, can uptake actually suffer due to this?

I’ve also read using chelates solves this (+is the easiest form for the body to have available for uptake) would appreciate your reply on this subject - thank you

Hi @Squizzle

When you say ‘compete with eachother for the same amino acids’; what is your concern? Are you concerned that there is a possible issue with absorbtion from the digestive system in to the blood?

I want to be clear what your concern is before I reply.

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Yes exactly. I am worried that one, or both are not being absorbed into the body as they compete with eachother from what I heard

The concern is minimal; the Nutrient Reference Values take into account any potential loss, plus there are good amounts of both in Huel.

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Thank you
That leads me to my second question- why does Huel not use chelates in all forms where available? Bisglycinates for instance. Arent those forms better for bioavailbability?

The forms of micronutrients we use are chosen because either/both:

  1. They are the best for bioavailability, uptake, stability, etc

  2. They are forms liscenced for food fortification in the EU (or US)

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